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New webisode The Black Rose

The first role play I did for the UTA 13 years ago (unedited)

Chapter 1

Dark Creepy Forest 11:58pm

Crimson Lord and Gaze are walking down a dirt path through a very creepy forest. Strange sounds come from all around them but they ignore the sounds and continue to walk down the long never ending path.


Crimson: Lets start off by a little bit more about me, before we get into my first piece of work for the United Toughness Alliance. The very few that know me in this company know I am a man who pretty much stands alone. I have never really bothered teaming with anyone in my career. Pretty much every company I was apart of I dominated and became the golden one.


Back in UTA’s first emergence to the scene of professional wrestling I was still green. Much like others first getting into the scene, I was there to make a statement. A statement I indeed made, unfortunately time passes on and business go under. When this company went under in 2002 I was left to hone my skills elsewhere, the more I traveled this world and honed my craft the more of a monster I became in that squared circle.


Gaze looked toward him and interrupted him.


Gaze: This was a pivotal time in our lives, if I were to say the UTA gave birth to Crimson Lord and Gaze this company made us who we are today.  Our names were elevated to the pinnacle of fame. Even my beloved was honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame 2004 with Matt Fury before it again went out of business.


Crimson began to talk again.


Crimson: I owe my career to this company; here is where my name started to really become a household name. I became an unstoppable force, beating the best the company had to offer at that time. Even after multiple bankruptcies’ the company refuse to go away. The last time I knew of the company alive and well was getting a phone call from The Spectre in 2014.  It took some convincing after all we had moved on with our lives we had nothing left to prove in this business. However the mere thought of the company that elevated me to the status of Hall of Famer was in need of my services once more I could not turn my back on it.


Gaze looked toward one of the crows sitting on one of the dead trees on their path. She looked toward Crimson for a moment then directed her attention to the path in font of her.


Gaze: This little show we are putting up will give people a little back-story to how my beloved became such a dominant force in this business and how the UTA pretty much was the only home we ever had.


He agreed with her and responded.


Crimson: Enough of the talk time to let you fans see my first promo for this company.


The camera fades, only to fade into a flat screen TV with static for a moment then the title pops up.


UTA’s Fatal Mistake

July 6, 2002 9:02 pm


[Announcer 1] - Shuffles through his papers Ladies and gentlemen the next segment tonight is a man just signed by the UTA who should be making his presence next your thoughts J
[Announcer J] - From what I heard Jim this man is possibly the one of the most demonic evil sadistic human beings on the face of this earth an....

The lights go out and lightning strikes the right and left sides of the entrance as red smoke rises up Crimson Lord's theme hits (Breaching the Heavens) Gaze appears first in her ring attire as she walks a few steps the 7 foot monster appears in the entranceway the fans boo loudly as Crimson Lord follows Gaze to the ring Gaze reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope she walks to the center of the ring and turns and faces Crimson Lord who slowly walks to the front of the ring Gaze motions for Crimson Lord to enter the ring Crimson Lord walks to the ring he grabs the top rope and pulls himself up onto the apron he steps over the top rope and walks to the center of the ring he looks down at Gaze as he slowly raises his hands as he reaches above his shoulders he drops them with authority as Gaze and Crimson Lord kiss and bloody pyro hits the ring from all four corner posts. A UTA interviewer gets in the ring as Gaze turns to the interviewer with a demonic grin then Crimson Lord slowly turns his head toward the interviewer who jumps back as though he is scared stiff the interviewer realizing he must do his job he takes a deep breathe and walks over to Gaze

[Interviewer] - Uh Gaze I presume?

[Gaze] - Yes, what's the matter you seem shaken up you UTA lacky?

[Interviewer] - Well, uh pulls on his collar I have heard a lot of things about the two of you and frankly I don't want to be up here conducting this interview but I have a job to do, so Uh Gaze what brings you and Crimson Lord to the UTA?

[Gaze] - You know its funny you should ask that cause from what I heard this is where all the competition is here in this company, and you see my Lord loves a challenge but we were let down as we walked in the back for the first time we did not see one UTA wrestler that even amounts to Crimson's standards alas.

[Interviewer] - You sure have a lot of confidence Gaze?

[Gaze] - Well its the truth you see this man right here is 7 foot 1'' 328 pounds this man has left more bodies laying then anybody in the E-Fed World this man right here is da best and its lucky for you cronies here in the UTA to have the money to pay him for showing up in this loser of a town and this loser of a company and when he finally makes his in ring debu you will know why he is just that damn good!

[Interviewer] - Uh Crimson Lord do you have any comments? shaking his hand as he slowly puts the mic to Crimson Lord's mouth as gaze gives off a smirk

[Crimson Lord] - Talks in one of the most evil tones ever heard The sins of the past surface in the future lord help us all for the plague that infests humanity has resurfaced and all shall be sacrificed in front of his dark soul!! That is a piece of what i really am I am a 7 foot monster of sheer evil I don't care about anybody I trust nobody and I could give two shits about the UTA Staff members, i am here for one thing and one thing only to win the UTA World Title and to leave a path of destruction like no other now I know I just step foot in this company but mark my words i will demolish everyone in my path until i am granted that title shot as i see Spectre has the gold now well he better take a lot of pictures of the title cause when i get my shot I guarantee whoever the world champion is at the time will feel the wrath of the Purity of Evil the Plague of Darkness Crimson Lord

[Interviewer] - I admit you may have the size you may have the experience but bet on this Spectre won the title deceivingly and he represents the UTA well?

[Crimson Lord] - I am sure this puny man does but you see once again I don't care i came here for one objective to be crown UTA World Champion to bring upon the UTA an era of darkness for when I receive the title I will show the entire wrestling world just what I mean by a Era of Darkness.

[Interviewer] - directs his attention to Gaze Gaze now that you both have signed with the UTA what will happen next will you be at the show Monday?

[Gaze] - Boy you must be some interviewer you figured that out all by yourself. Yes we shall be there Monday and you will know our presence when we terrorize this whole stinking company Monday marks the first day of the Apocalypse, and it shall continues until we are granted a world title shot!

[Interviewer] - Well I am glad this interview is over thanks .....

Gaze interrupts the interviewer before he can finish his sentence
[Gaze] - Not a problem cracks a evil grin

Crimson Lord out of no where nails the interviewer to the ground and both Crimson Lord and Gaze stomp a few times on him Crimson Lord then motions for Gaze to go outside the ring she does as Crimson Lord picks the interviewer up and sets him on the top rope facing the fans who are booing like crazy as Gaze pulls a chair out from under the ring she slides it under the bottom rope as Crimson Lord walks over and grabs the chair he sets it coming out of the turnbuckle that the interviewer is sitting on Crimson Lord grabs the interviewer by the chin not needing the use of the ropes he drops back in a version of a Super Neckbreaker right on the chair, as the Interviewer lay there unconscious Gaze slides back in the ring and tells Crimson Lord something as Crimson Lord now gets ontop of the interviewer and pounds away on his face finally he gets off him he picks the poor man up and ties him in the ropes he jerks his head back clearing his face of hair Gaze picks the chair up and hands it to Crimson Lord as the fans are shocked he nails the interviewer square in the head with a vicious chair shot the interviewer is bleeding now another shot with the chair referees start pouring into the ring and everytime one gets in Crimson Lord lays them out until the ring is covered in black and white T-shirts as Crimson Lord leans back and delivers another vicious chair shot to the interviewer who has a crimson mask now as Crimson Lord slams the chair on the mat Gaze has the mic she hands it to Crimson Lord

[Crimson Lord] - You tell all those suits in the back and all those other wrestlers too that Crimson Lord has arrived and they will not stop my reign of terror because THERE IS NOT A DAMN THING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT!

Crimson Lord slams the mic on the ground he unties the interviewer as he falls on his face the paramedics have rushed to the ring as a ref pulls the interviewer out of the ring as Crimson Lord and Gaze watch him get loaded on the stretcher they begin to laugh in a very demonic tone as they watch him get rushed out of the arena

[Jim] - GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY what has the UTA signed this man is the epitome of the devil J.

[J] - ............

The first day of Apocalypse comes this Monday what kind of devastation can this man do? Tune in this Monday and find out?


Lake in the Creepy Forest 1:25am

Crimson and Gaze stare out into the lake, as the camera fades in on them Crimson spoke first.


Crimson: Greenhorn, but as time went on I improved dramatically. I became a man that relished in brutalizing my opponents in the ring. It made me the monster I am today. As my stature grew so did my abilities in that ring. Each match opponents would struggle take me off my feet. I further cemented my legacy in this business. Did I take a fair share of beating yes; it is part of the business. Unlike the others though, I actually enjoyed being beaten down. Pain has always been my second love in this business. It lets me know I am still alive. Maybe next time I’ll share another of my old promos with you, or maybe something else guess you’ll have to tune in and see.


The camera fades out