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It’s been four days since Derek Parks successfully debuted in the UTA at Victory XXI. His victory over Nigma was impressive but it was what he did to Chris Hopper later in the show that’s got people talking.The Dirty One took some time out of his busy schedule to address his match and his actions at Victory XXI.


On why Sarah Richards didn’t accompany him to ringside….

“It was a last minute decision on our part. Over the past couple of years it has been said that I can’t win a match without Sarah. I just wanted to put that untrue statement to rest once and for all. So Sarah stayed in the back and I went out and beat Nigma on my own. The myth was busted now we move on. From here on out you will see my lovely wife at ringside with me.”

On his match with Nigma….

“I have to admit, Nigma surprised me some. He held his own in that match. I told him to bring it and he brought it. Unfortunately for him he only brought 98 percent and once again The Dirty One does what he does best…..Win matches!”

On his attack on Chris Hopper….

“You know I have been asked a million times why I attacked Chris Hopper this past weekend. Let me just say it right now. I didn’t attack him to make a name for myself. Hell I have already done that without any help from him. I came to Chris to discuss the way he treated me back in the day. He wanted to act like he had no clue what it was that I was saying so I gave him something to think about. As far as the details on what all happen back in MCW goes, keep your eyes and ears open the next couple of weeks. Things are about to get interesting. This is far from over. Trust me!”