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Welcome to the first edition of "Ice Cold Truth" for the fans that regularly check out This is going to be something different from what I usually do for UTA, and I hope that you all enjoy it.

The screen literally flips on, as if a webcam was activated suddenly. That is because it was! In the view, we see "Too Cool" Chris Hopper sitting in a chair at a desk. He is wearing a sweatshirt that was "Wrestle UTA" on it and is taking a drink from a bottle of water. He sets the water down and looks right into the camera.

Hopper:  Welcome to the first edition of "Ice Cold Truth" for the fans that regularly check out This is going to be something different from what I usually do for UTA, and I hope that you all enjoy it.

He shifts a little before continuing.

Hopper:  This is going to be much more down to Earth. I'm not using the UTA budget for camera crews or lighting. I'm not calling them to meet me somewhere to do a location promo. This is reality in a webisode. I'm sitting here about a half hour after a workout and speaking about what is on my mind to the fans.

He cracks a grin.

Hopper:  I hope you all appreciate it because this is where you will get the unadulterated truth from me. You want to know what is going on and I'll tell you. It will be the most extremely honest and brutally truthful piece of video done under the UTA banner outside of UTA Radio broadcasts. That is a promise.

He takes a sip of water and then takes a deep breath before speaking again.

Hopper:  So what could possibly be on my mind right now?

His eyes drift off, as we see that he obviously is vexed by something. Another deep breath and his eyes return to focus on the camera.

Hopper:  Derek Parks..... yes, Derek Parks is on my mind right now.

Another pause, probably trying to think of how he wants to word what he says at this point.

Hopper:  Your game is transparent, my friend. It really is. Hell, I've done it myself ages ago.

A slight chuckle escapes his lips before continuing.

Hopper:  A new guy walks into a league and wants to get noticed. He wants to turn some heads and so he decides to find somebody he can create some heat with quickly. It should be somebody with a name and recognition within the federation because the goal is to beat him and get that bump up the rankings because of it. In order to have it be believable, you have to create that heat by getting under that man's skin.

Another grin as he slowly nods his head.

Hopper:  Making up lies from the past will do it really quick. I can surely attest to that because despite my demeanor right now....I'm very ticked off.

A deep breath in an attempt to calm down a bit, knowing he gets a little out of control when he gets angry.

Hopper:  You see, I have been many things in this industry of ours. I have been an owner, producer, creative director, vice president, webmaster, radio host, and what I love the most out of all the hats I have worn in my career...a wrestler.

He smiles slightly, trying to seem cordial despite the rising temperature in his veins.

Hopper:  In my career, rather I have been loved or hated by the fans, I have always acted with honor. When I have left promotions, I fulfilled my bookings. When I could no longer afford to keep putting money into a bad venture, I helped the talent find jobs elsewhere as best I could. I cultivated the reputation of being someone willing to do business the right way.

The smile is gone again and you can see the redness begin to show in his face as he speaks.

Hopper:  So to have my very reputation impugned by somebody....and let me once again fulfill the very name of this webisode by giving you the Ice....Cold....Truth.....To be impugned by somebody I have never met in my life, is nothing but a farce. You mentioned a couple of things before recklessly attacking me last weekend, and let me break that down for you as well before I give you my truth for you, my friend.

He takes another sip of water and then a deep breath, as if reading himself for what he will be sharing.

Hopper:  Bowa the Snake Man. The name *STILL* doesn't ring a bell to me. I called my friend Darren Smelser. You know, the man who gave you the contract you claim I canceled out of spite, or whatever reason you claim I fired you for.....I called him and asked him about it. I recorded it for you all to hear. Give this a listen.

Chris pulls over a digital recorder and hits the play button, we hear another voice that we can only assume is the former business associate and part owner of MCW from 1998-2000, Darren Smelser.

Smelser's Voice:  "Oh yeah, now I remember that guy. He had a really good match at a house show and I thought he looked like a guy that had a future. He was going to need a gimmick change or something because the Bowa thing wasn't going to work long term. I had him come to an Impact and do a dark match against Burden and they tore the house down, man! They really were great. Bowa had a brawling style that was actually perfect for the kinds of things we were doing in MCW so I hired him that night and explained that he would debut in a month and we would be tweaking the gimmick or something to make him more able to succeed."

Hopper's voice: "So why didn't we pull it off the way you wanted?"

Smelser' voice: "Honestly I had got us into financial trouble and had put us in the spot we had to sell majority interest to that group from Las Vegas, if you remember."

Hopper's voice: "Oh yeah...damn that was a mistake."

Smelser' voice: "Yeah it was. Anyway, we had to trim a lot of costs and you fired a bunch of guys including guys like Iron Irish, who had been with us from the first broadcast. I think that kid's contract was one of them. It's a shame too because he could have been special."

Chris clicks the button on the recorder to turn it off as he stares intently into the camera.

Hopper:  So there you have it, Parks. You were not the victim of some elaborate scheme to hold you down. You were the victim of simple, plain, truthful....economics. The ice cold truth of the situation is that you were a casualty of cold, hard cash.

He slides the recorder out of view.

Hopper:  You are trying to make this into something where I am a bad guy....but the truth of it is that you are twisting it to simply make yourself relevant. You didn't have to stoop to this level. You could have walked up and simply said, "I'd like a match with you."

Chris motions with both hands to suggest a "I don't know" gesture.

Hopper:  Hell, I came in letting the fans pick my opponent and then the guy who finished second wanted a match with me so bad that I gave him a match against me right after that on the very next show. I'm not inaccessible. I'm not high and mighty. I desire to do one thing and one thing only....

A heavy stare at the camera again as he raises one finger to illustrate his point.

Hopper:  That one thing is to give the fans what they desire and make them cheer for as long as I can and as loud as I can.

He raises both eyebrows.

Hopper:  That's it! That is the list. So all you had to do was ask. You didn't need to go to all of the chickenshit moves of attacking me an trying to hurt me backstage. You didn't have to make up stories with your own twists on them.

Chris' face is almost at a serene calm now.

Hopper:  You wanted this. You wanted my attention and, by extension, the attention of every UTA fan out there. Well congratulations Mr. got it.

He exudes confidence with the expression on his face. No smile, smirk, or even a hint of a wink. He has just a very steely, stoic expression on his face.

Hopper:  And now that you have it, you will regret it.

He takes the last swig of water and tosses the bottle off to the side.

Hopper:  that is this edition of the most brutally honest webisode in UTA, Ice Cold Truth. Until next time, gang....stay cool.

He reaches and touches the something and the screen suddenly goes black.