Posted by Rumor Man Stan

TMZ is reporting that upon hearing the signing of Derek "Cheapshot" Parks to Wrestle UTA, Marshall Owens had this to say.

"After Seasons Beatings, the most important thing at this moment is the recovery of Sean Jackson. The injuries he sustained during the shock therapy match is in no way career threatening, but shouldn't be taken lightly either."

He went on to say.

"So Derek Parks has been signed by Wrestle UTA, big deal. He's a tremendous talent, no doubt about it. But the world champion thing has already been played out here, and there's no reason to bring in version 2.0"

On the old feud involving Sean Jackson, Spectre, and Derek Parks.

"There was a history between the three back in 2013 and it made the NeWA bigger than what it was. They were engaged in some of the biggest matches of all time, but leave it to that scum Brad Batee to screw it all up."

He went on to say.

"I will be one of the first to welcome Parks, as will Sean. But there is a pecking order here, and the sooner that Parks accepts that, the better."

On Sean's return to action.

"Sean will come back when he's ready to come back. He did a number on the Spectre, and true to his word, put that purple headed freak out to pasture.  So right now, there's no reason to rush back because Spectre's career ended at Seasons Beatings, and he's never come back.

On the UTA without Spectre.

"James Wingate has no one to blame but himself. He allowed that menace free reign to do as he pleased and now, will pay for that transgression.  With Spectre out of the way, the Shoot Kings are now vunerable and those so called legends...well they won't be around long enough to see the ink dry on their contracts.  It's a total win for Dynasty, no matter what Wingate would want everyone to believe.


Stay tuned for more comments from the Jackson camp.