Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Hardcore legend Derek “cheapshot” Parks recently signed with the UTA. We were able to ask him a few questions.

When asked if he had any words to say to his future opponents he had the following to say.

‘All I have to say to the guys and gals in the UTA locker room is that when you step in the ring with me you better bring your good. You better bring your bad and you better bring your ugly!”

When asked if he could elaborate on that he made the following statement.

“When I say that you better bring your good I’m simply saying that you better bring whatever it is that makes you the wrestler that you are. Bring your God’s given talent with you when you get in the ring with me. When I say bring your bad I’m telling you to bring your anger. Be willing to take things to the point that you’re close to being disqualified. Now when I tell you to bring your ugly I’m telling you that you better be prepared to do whatever it takes to win the match. Whether it be bashing me over the head with a chair or throwing me through a table.  Use whatever object you can get your hands on. Legal or not do whatever you can to get the win.”