Posted by Rumor Man Stan

With Seasons Beatings coming up in less than 24 hours, UTA superstar Sean Jackson decided to get one more parting shot on The Spectre, and the UTA as well.

On the referee strike...

"Give me a break, none of those refs really want to go on strike.  But since Wingate can't find one willing to screw me over, he's created this bogus strike so that he can bring in someone who will.  Need proof? then go back and watch Black Horizon and The Chamber. All the proof you'll ever need is right there.

The alleged masked referee....

"Well, well, we go again. What's the matter Wingate, your little puppy can't fight his own battles? Is he so insecure with his own signature match that you've got to stack the deck in order to make it fair? Well I'm not worried because if your special referee screws me over, then he will get his in return, well before he can make it out of the arena.

On Kevin Hawk possibly coming back...

"My choice as referee. If Wingate ever gets his head out of his ass and does the right thing by making Hawk the referee, then after this epic match is over. Hawk gets his Commissioner job back. Believe me Kevin, Marshall Owens is ready to take up your cause if Wingate doesn't make this right."

On The Spectre...

"Did you see the fear in his eyes? I did, and try as he may, Spectre couldn't hide it. There he was, inside of the cage during his latest video blog and he simply couldn't hide it. He was climbing on it, he was pulling on it, he was doing everything in his power to convince the world he wasn't scared. But the fact of the matter is, he was worried, and for good reason."

"Spectre thought that I would fall to pieces when he challenged me to a shock therapy match. But now he's finding out that I'm not the kind of person who craps his pants when someone with a death wish steps up to the plate. I'm Sean Jackson damn it, and by this time tomorrow night, Spectre is going to be in a world of trouble."

On James Wingate...

"On man, I can just imagine what's going through his mind? Here is the owner of Wrestle UTA, so scared to death that I'm going to kill his little Hall of Famer, that he's got to bring in masked backup. Well Wingate, you aren't fooling anybody. I know that you've got every intention on screwing me over, hell I can see your fingerprints all over the Hershey Screwjob. How are you going to do it Wingate? Are you going to ban Dynasty from ringside while you stack the deck against me AGAIN?"

"Just remember Wingate, for every action, there IS an equal and opposite reaction. For everything that you do, this IS a swift and methodical response...not only from me, but from the rest of Dynasty as well. So you had better ask yourself. Will screwing me over to save Spectre be worth it?"


Stay tuned. The answer to this question and many others may finally be answered.