Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Turk being investigated by Celeveland Police on kidnapping charges, while Bill Daley has severed ties after a new management team has taken over.

It's come to my attention that Cleveland Police are investigating Turk on kidnapping charges stemming from a video package aired at Wrestleshow in which he had a bound intern in a noose. Along with the intern, his manager and personal doctor, Bill Daley, was also bound and gagged. Turk's management group Power Entertainment commented; "Sometimes lines are blurred. we're confident our client will face no charges."

Earlier this week Turk announced a new direction, and stated Daley would stay on his "staff" as his doctor. Daley has since confirmed he is no longer with Turk in any capacity after Turk signed with Power Entertainment on Sunday.

Power Entertainment is a new management group, and Turk appears to be their only client. When asked to comment on Turk's recent violent direction; "We allow our clients a wide berth to be successful. We do not view Turk's behaivior any more violent than what other talent have been doing. In fact, it is obvious UTA is on the same page with us, as they've recently made very clear they're loosening the ties on what will appear on their programming. We're looking forward to working closely with UTA to be sure Turk is in compliance, and continues to be a big ratings and merchandise draw as he has been at every stop throughout his career."