Posted by Rumor Man Stan

We've been reporting on James Wingate's meeting the Monday after the last Wrestleshow for over a week, with little to no details emerging.... until now.

We still do not know enough, but here is what we are aware of:

  • The meeting was in relation to questionable content that has aired on Pure Sports Entertainment during the Wrestleshow broadcasts.
  • Expectations set by PSE on what is allowed to air on their network.
  • Sponsor and advertiser discussions held in regards to content put out. Why we've lost several sponsors in the last few months.
  • Possible breach of contract with PSE, or contract renegotiating to be held.

Management is still staying tight lipped on the subject which is making many superstars nervous. With a hiring freeze in effect, rumors are circulating that this decision was made based upon lost sponsors and that revenues being generated are down.

Some superstars, such as The Spectre, Sean Jackson, and Perfection, who are on the higher end of the pay scale have been rumored to be on the list to be released if revenue continues to dwindle.

As always, we will continue to keep you updated with anything else we discover, and for now take all of this as just rumors as we have yet to confirm anything other than what is bullet pointed above.