Posted by Rumor Man Stan

It's being reported that after arriving in San Jose, California this morning, Sean Jackson wasted little time in elaborating on a video made last night in Miami, Florida. In a phone call, Sean had this to say.

"You know, Spectre talks a great game. But of course, those who rely on smoke and mirrors generally do. But in the end, he can only hide his weakness for so long before it's discovered."

"Spectre claimed that he relished the shocks from Wichita Falls police, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I saw his face when he was taking those cycles from the X26, and it was like re-living the shock therapy sessions all over again. He was remembering what the shock therapy did to him. How it made him weak and disoriented."

"Well all I have to do is wait for my moment, when he no longer has a clue where I am. Then in that moment of disorientation, everything goes black as my knee connects with the back of his skull."

"Then as Spectre is laying there, motionless. I will stand over him, victorious saying the same thing over and over again. THIS is what I'll do for a klondike bar. Then in a moment of compassion, I'll shove one of those bitches so far down his throat, he'll choke on it."

"So as far as his big reveal, it will definitely be hard for a human vegetable to reveal anything. But in the death of his career, I WILL find out who was responsible for him coming here and when I do, he or she will suffer the consequences. Guaranteed."