Posted by Rumor Man Stan


Spectre retorted to Sean Jackson’s recent smarmy comments regarding Spectre being tazed and subsequently jailed during the apex of the 5-on-5 main event at the last Wrestleshow.

“Hehehehehehe… Oh, Sean, Sean, Sean!  I’m sure you are relishing in the fact I got tazed, and that I somehow was receiving the recompense for my actions towards you, and that I actually suffered pain and anguish.

Hello?!?  Do you not know me at all?  Why the hell do you think I WANTED to bring back the Shock Therapy Match in the first place?  Do you not know that “shock therapy” is something that I, at one time, endured in my life?  That some stupid psychologists and doctors deemed me mentally and psychologically imbalanced and decided I “needed” shock therapy to “cure the distorted mental and psychological views and beliefs” I had?

Those tazer shocks the large number of conveniently present police gave to me were NOTHING!  In all honesty, those little jolts actually tickled.  Instead of causing me some sort of trauma, as YOU would like to believe, that electricity coursing through my body actually gave me a, “jump start” to the Shock Therapy Match- a match you are still desperately trying to figure out!

The better question is, Sean… How did it feel being eliminated early from your team, when you CLEARLY were giving up and submitting?  How does it feel to know that Dynasty is that much more DILUTED, now that Kevin Hawk has pledged his allegiance to Dynasty, and given the same, sad song and dance that you all have been held back?  How does it feel to know that Dynasty is quickly becoming a joke and people have lost all respect for everyone associated with Dynasty?

How does it feel to know that, when it comes right down to it, all the planning in the world won’t save you from the pain, anguish, and torture you will endure inside the electrified cage?  That the name Season’s Beatings will be so fitting when it comes to you in the Shock Therapy Match?  And that you will be soooooooooooooo close to finding out, once and for all, just who it was that sent me to UTA to go after YOU……

Hehehehehehe… but after all these months of teasing you, and taunting you with this “secret identity”, you may not be conscious or awake when I make the BIG REVEAL ….hehehehehehehehe…

Yeah, how’s that for Mindf*ck!”