Posted by Rumor Man Stan

It appears that Marie Van Claudio has been impressive as of late in United Toughness Allance and many of her peers see her being “tough as nails and doesn’t let her looks get to her at all”, but many people do feel that Marie Van Claudio needs to clean up around the edges here to be one of the elite players here in UTA.


Many people do think that Marie needs to show who she is. A lot them want to see some of her backstory with her being in Underground Championship Wrestling, where she wrestled from 2010 until the doors closed. Marie is a former Street Fight Champion and a Gang Warfare Champion with her husband, Preston Stuart. Many people want to see more of her family side as Veronica Van Claudio’s a well-known wrestler as well.


If Marie can show who she is and what she’s able to do then Marie can work with a lot of the stars here and be on the level as most of them. On Wrestleshow 27, Marie Van Claudio has to dig deep and have her best impressive showing for the company as she is going against Mikey Unlikely. Both of them are on a slide as of right now, but many believe that it should be Marie to shine in this match.