Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Spectre released from Jail

UTA Hall of Famer The Spectre was released from the local police station in Wichita Fallas, Texas after posting bail.  Upon walking out of the police station, The Spectre, still in a surly and foul mood had this to say.

"I am so pissed off right now!  Mister Hawk got all in a power trip becasue he was left in charge.  The only problem is, the stupid ass, much like his mediocre wrestling career, made the dumbest business decision by choosing to align himself with Dynasty!  And it's so obvious that Perfection has been in his flipping ear filling it with bullshit!  Because just like Sean Jackson, just like CBR, and just like LFB his reasons for his actions were VERBATIM of those guys I mentioned!  He did it because QUOTE, 'Dynasty will no longer be held back'.  I guess "pure stupid" really IS a congenital defect in some people!

Kevin Hawk better be glad he has retired from the ring, and still enjoying the tiny royalty checks he's getting, because the stupid sonofabitch would receive the beating of his life if he put on the tights again and stepped inside the ring to face me!

HEY!  Here's a bright idea!  Let's kill two stuffy suits with one stone!  Book me and Madman Szalinski against Kevin Hawk and that other stooge in Dynasty- Marshall Owens!  That way, Madman and I can "LEGALLY" beat the shit out of of those two, and have fun doing it!"

Spectre stormed off after that, not answering any questions.