Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Spectre not signing new contract?

Reports are coming in that The Spectre’s current contract with the United Toughness Alliance ends on December 31,2014, and that The Spectre has neither signed an extension of his current contract, nor has he signed a new contract with the company.

It was speculated that upon Spectre’s original contract, it was to be a short term deal in order for Spectre and Sean Jackson to get their long-time and epic feud that started in another wrestling organization a chance at closure. Season’s Beatings occurs on December 28, 2014, and Spectre and Sean Jackson are booked in a Shock Therapy Match which has not been seen in the UTA for nearly 10 years.

Rumors are circling that this could very well be Spectre’s swan song and Spectre may ride into the sunset and retiring. Whether this is true or not is unclear. An unnamed source claims that Spectre, in recent weeks has expressed his displeasure with upper management’s rather passive attitude thus allowing certain people to “do whatever they want without consequences”. This same source claims that Spectre feels upper management’s excitement of his return has diminished to the point that they intentionally left him off the Anniversary card, and that there have been snide and condescending remarks made directed at Spectre as well.

“Wrestlers disrespecting me is one thing. When management disrespects me, that is a red flag that can’t be ignored. I spent several years in another organization before those little remarks started trickling in, before booked matches started getting changed at the last moment. For UTA management to already start with condescending remarks doesn’t bode well for them as far as me signing another contract. Then again, maybe this is their way of making ME choose to not sign a new contract.”

What will happen should Spectre not re-sign? Will there be a backlash among fans? Will there be a joyous jubilation among some wrestlers who feel Spectre, despite his legendary status, should not be in the UTA?