Posted by Rumor Man Stan

WrestleUTA online has learned that an adult video, reportedly starring undefeated UTA athlete The Second Coming, has been pulled from the online store from which it was discovered.

The video, which promises eight hours of 'hardcore [expletive deleted],' first came to light through the online purchase of fellow UTA Superstar, "Beautiful" Bobby Dean.

In addition to the video being pulled from the stores, an undisclosed payout was made to the Second Coming, citing damaged brand awareness and unauthorized use of copyright. The settlement, signed and filed on condition of complete anonymity, precludes any further commercial or personal trade of this video, and precludes any subsequent legal action on this matter by the Second Coming and her team.

A representative for Vivid Entertainment released the following statement:

"It is a sad day for free speech when parody and satire are no longer protected by the Bill of Rights. This video was filmed and released in good faith to fill the needs of the market. Sarah Palin certainly didn't file suit over the "Who's Nailin' Palin" video released during her Vice Presidential aspirations, why does a mere wrestler receive such deference?"

In response, a representative of MMG, a management company based out of Orlando, released the following:

"Vivid Entertainment falsely represented their 'actress' as our client, The Second Coming, without revealing her actual name. While our client could remove her facemask and reveal to the world that she is not in fact, the adult film star that Vivid has portrayed her, the fact remains that she has built her reputation on anonymity puts her in a catch 22: removing her mask would force her to leave the professional wrestling industry, and leaving it on with no action taken toward Vivid would damage her credibility as a role model for young girls, showing them that they do not need to rely on their physical appearance to make it in the world."

UTA owner James Wingate Jr, and The Second Coming herself could not be reached for comment.