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Notable Name Missing From UTA’s Anniversary Card



With all that is going on in UTA these days, the company’s “anniversary” show as it has been dubbed since the company’s re-opening last last year, and with the build up of feuds heading into Season’s Beatings, a notable figure is missing from the anniversary show card.

The Spectre.

After closing out Wrestleshow 26 with a “shocking” announcement that Spectre and Sean Jackson would meet at Season’s Beatings in a historic Shock Therapy Match, which hasn’t been seen in the UTA in nearly a decade, one would think there might be a follow-up to this heading into Season’s Beatings. Instead, Sean Jackson is part of a 5-on-5 match pitting team Dynasty versus team Shoot Kings. Spectre, on the other hand, is sitting on the sidelines, seemingly waiting this one out.

“Looks like the UTA brass has decided it is going the route of promoting its younger talent rather than promoting possibly the biggest match of the year in the biggest feud of the year,” Spectre said with a shrug of his shoulders. “With all that’s on the line, and despite the fact Sean and I can’t stand each other, I’m sure than even HE realizes that this is an opportunity for BOTH of us to put on a clinic, and to steal the show. It is an opportunity for two guys that have been in the business many years to far exceed anyone’s expectations, and teach the young guns a thing or two about heart, passion, and the desire to succeed.”

Spectre continued.

“But make no mistake, with UTA running through my veins, I’ll be present at the anniversary show, even if I am merely a spectator backstage. But what do I know? I’m just the biggest draw the UTA ever had.”