Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Turk's agent comments on upcoming Lipton bout, Turk's mind, and the future.

Doctor Bill Daley, a former wrestling promoter from the New England area, is the man responsible for bringing Turk out of retirement. Daley commented just yesterday on Turk's match at Victory with Tommy Lipton.

"We're excited to see Turk's condition. You can only lift so many weights, and spar so many times. He's looked very solid in training. This will be his first real test, and I think I'm actually looking forward to it more than Turk."

When asked about Turk's "unavailability" to UTA's news department; "Turk has a new focus. He's not the unhinged inhuman person I think everyone is expecting. He's proven to be tactical, and aware of the challenges he is facing. He's focusing on Lipton."

Daley went on to comment on his ability to control Turk; "Doctor Ross and I have a firm grip on Turk. He really is a changed man."