Posted by Rumor Man Stan

I reported a little while ago that sources were saying that the FCC is fining the company for remarks made by The Spectre during Wrestleshow #24, as well as the excessive violence and blood of Chris Hopper and David Hightower.

More reliable sources have contacted me to let me know that the fines are actually to the Superstars themselves from the company, which since the move to Pure Sports Entertainment has focused on staying within the TV-14 rating to meet advertiser and investor relation expectations. This decision has come from a nudge by the new network.

However, it should be important to note that PSE has informed management that they would be open to airing future events with less regulations at a later time slot with proper notice which indicates that the network finds some value in pushing lines of entertainment in a controlled environment.

Does this mean we could one day see the UTA: After Hours event long rumored to be in the planning and will allow for more situations that would not normally be seen on Wrestleshow in it's current time slot?

This also does not cover Pay Per View events which at this time have been more geared toward the 18-34 demographic.