Posted by Rumor Man Stan

As reported yesterday, James Wingate was turned away from the HOW Rumble at the Rock pay per view. Wingate, a former HOW Superstar and Best Alliance member, arrived back in the UK today where I was able to catch up with him.

When asked if there is any bad blood between the two, this is how he responded:

"Look, Lee and I have been friends and associates for years. I'm known as being a hot head, and he's known as being a hot head. Sometimes when alcohol is included into the situation, things are said.

I don't take what he says to heart and when he's ready to climb off his high horse and talk with me, I'll still be here. Until then, I will continue to focus on making sure the UTA stays the number one wrestling promotion in the world."

When asked if he felt that him stating the UTA is number one had anything to do with Best's resentment toward him, Wingate responded:

"I'm unsure if I'd call it resentment to be honest. Everyone knows that High Octane Wrestling used to be in the top spot. They took that when the UTA's original run was thwarted by death and law suits. They earned that. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that they've slipped from that spot and we have reclaimed it. If Lee can't see that, or if that's why he justifies being upset at me or toward the UTA, then that is on him."

My final question revolved around the signing of Bobby Dean, who until last night had been an employee of High Octane Wrestling as well as rumors of other Superstars debuting in the UTA:

"Bobby Dean's short term contract was up as of last night. He had no clause restricting him from signing to another company. He went into Rumble at the Rock and did his job like the professional Superstar he is. Proper notice was given to HOW management that he would not be re-signing. It's as simple as that.

As for rumors of other talent coming in? I can not comment at this time, but I want to make it clear. The UTA offers a place of employment that is different than a lot of other promotions, as well as with our spot at the top, why would anyone not inspire to work here? Whether they be from High Octane Wrestling, Four Corners Wrestling, Boardwalk, or any other promotion. All I can say is two thousand and fifteen will be an exciting year to be a UTA fan."

Make sure to tune into Pure Sports Entertainment on November second for Wrestleshow, as James Wingate continues his power struggle with Dynasty as well as the rumored debut of Bobby Dean.