Posted by Rumor Man Stan

When the UTA aired it's flagship show, Wrestleshow, on High Octane Television the company had a self imposed TV-14 rating on the unrated pay network. However, with the move to Pure Sports Entertainment, the TV-14 rating is very real as the company found out this morning.

The FCC is fining the UTA an undisclosed amount for multiple violations from the October 19th edition of Wrestleshow.

Reports are coming in that the Chris Hopper versus David Hightower match was one of the main reasons for the fine, stating that an excess amount of violence and blood caused the match to go over the boundaries of what is acceptable on a TV-14 rating scale.

Also apart of the fine was The Spectre's segment, where the Hall of Fame legend had let one of the known "bad" words slip out during one of his segments.

Management was aware of several times the same word had slipped from The Spectre's mouth during segments of shows on HOTv, but never pushed the issue as the network itself was unrated. However, since the move to PSE, sources say that James Wingate is coming down hard on certain words not being used on Wrestleshow, and the fine today is one huge reason why.

It is unknown if The Spectre himself will be responsible for his fine or not.