Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Mr. Wingate made his way to San Francisco today to catch the highly anticipated Rumble at the Rock PPV from High Octane Wrestling. As a former superstar on the HOW roster and member of Lee best's Best Alliance, Wingate was hoping to catch up with his old crew.

However, sources say that upon arrival Wingate was asked to leave the premises without a refund. It is unknown who made the call, but sources say that more than likely it came from Lee Best himself.

It has to make you wonder, where is Lee best's head these days? The reclusive owner of High Octane Wrestling at one time would have held his arms wide open to a friend who is also a fan.

Although out some serious money for the tickets, Mr. Wingate is not mad and is on his way back to the UK for this weekend's Wrestleshow event as the UTA continues to push forward as the largest and most popular wrestling promotion going, helping fill a void once held by High Octane Wrestling.