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Now that the latest episode of Pandemonium is streaming on FITE, you can head below the break to check out the scheduled card for the February 5th edition headlined by a huge FWF Championship Match. As always, you can also click HERE for the official line up.

Pandemonium VII
FWF Studios in Las Vegas, NV
Feb 05, 2020

Pandemonium returns to the FWF Studios in Las Vegas, NV for another exciting episode on FITE.



Kentucky Tarzan vs. Malcom Dred-King

Malcom Dred-King makes his FWF debut against the resident weirdo, Kentucky Tarzan who is hot off of a big win on the last episode of Pandemonium.


Mikey Unlikely vs. Lance Mingle

Mikey Unlikely shocked the world when he showed up at the end of the last Pandemonium. Now, he makes his official FWF debut against the one, and only, Lance Mingle.


Bobby Dean vs. B.R. Ellis

Hardcore Match

Hardcore Championship
Hardcore Championship Match

After the second Pandemonium in a row with B.R. Ellis being apart of a brutal attack, officials have decided to give him what he apparently wants by throwing the rules out of the window. Will Bobby Dean retain, or will B.R. Ellis bring the first title to the New Era?


Jace Wheeler vs. Raging Dead

In a rematch from #MAWA, Raging dead goes one on one with Jace Wheeler.


Lunchbox Larry vs. Harry Black

FWF Championship
FWF Championship Match

Harry Black won the right to be the #1 contender on the last episode of Pandemonium. Now, he gets his chance. Will he be able to dethrone Larry, or will the Lunchbox prevail?