Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Following the UTAs airing of their 5 hour wrestling spectacular Wrestleshow #24 on Sunday night, broadcast on the PSE network- UTA Dirt Sheet and Website Editor Stan Davis was browsing various Professional Wrestling websites on his mobile phone when he came across an interview by a new member of the UTA roster.

With the release of some of the UTAs lesser established Wrestlers being imminent following Wrestleshow #24, it was widely known in the industry that the UTA had been in contact with quite a few Independent Wrestling talents about signing on to work with the company. One of which was a young grappler who wrestled under a mask as Kid Inertia II. The interview that Stan Davis came across was from the website and portions have been included here. You have been wrestling only a short time, how did you get involved in the business?

Kid Inertia II: I’ve always been a fan since I was a young kid. I got lucky enough to go to a live show when I was 16 and see Kid Inertia in my local area. Being smaller, I had some skills that really stuck out to some people in the business. Specifically my speed which got me a chance where others might not have gotten one. You brought up the original Kid Inertia, a legend in the Professional Wrestling business. How did you come to get the name Kid Inertia II?

Kid Inertia II: After wrestling in High School all four years, I went to a local wrestling school where I began training. After learning the basics in about three months, I started getting used on local shows where I ended up backstage with Kid Inertia. That night he watched my match, enjoyed my work and following the show he approached me about carrying on the legacy of the name as he was nearing the end of his career. Moving on from your background, to your future. You’re first big break in the business is your upcoming gig with the United Toughness Alliance. How did that happen and what do you see in your future?

Kid Inertia II: Someone inside the company got a hold of me about a month ago and told me that there might be some openings soon. I was told to keep all my current bookings on the Independent Scene, but to be careful about taking wins and losses. Be careful not to get injured and make sure that I was in the States around the beginning of October. Things just kind of worked out and now I’m under contract. I’m nervous to say the least, but I’m also confident in my skills. My only prediction for the future is that I’ll fly higher than ever before, go faster than yesterday and work my ass off like never before.

The short snippet of the interview with Kid Inertia II alludes to his current status in the UTA and his future in the Company. For those unaware currently, Kid Inertia II is set to make his debut on Victory XII, Saturday November, 1st 2014 against one half of The Good Friends- Uncle Rocky.

The match versus Uncle Rocky will be a huge test for the young high flyer, but if anything can be pruned from his Independent Wrestling career, we all know that nothing can keep him down. Not gravity. Not the sky. Certainly no opponent he’s been in the ring with yet. Only time will tell if Uncle Rocky along with his best friend Robot Pete can do what has never been done.