Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Self-imposed fine

UTA Hall of Famer The Spectre released a statement within the past hour, and the message was directed at the Dynasty’s lawyer and Sean Jackson “advocate” Marshall Owens. The following is what was said:

“Due to Marshall Owens incessant pestering of Wingate to punish me for my actions against Marshall Owen’s “client”, Sean Jackson… and just because I want Marshall to shut the f### because I am sick and damn tired of hearing him saying the same thing over and over and over again beyond redundancy, I have imposed a fine upon myself totaling $250,000 for my “actions” against Sean Jackson at Black Horizon, even though he deserved it.

 Furthermore, I have taken myself off the Wrestleshow 25 card to appease the apparent weak spine of Marshall Owens, and the obvious emotional distress, also known as butt hurt, his client cannot handle by himself like a man, to give Sean Jackson a “break” from me.  It is my hope Marshall  Owens can now stop squawking like a parrot, and move on from this “non-fine whimpering” schitck, and focus on things that are not so petty.”