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Watch Kate Kincaid interview Dynasty about the Championship show and how they came to be.

“Welcome everyone, today we will be joined by the members of Dynasty.” Says Kathryn, to the camera set up in the corner of the meeting room in the UTA studios. Sipping on her Chai latte, she hears a knock on the door.

“Oh our first guest has arrived let us see who it is” Kathryn stands to open the door and on the other side we see Kathryn Velmont Thomas. Ms. Kincaid sidesteps to let her in and closes the door behind her.

“KVT, The first lady of the UTA, It is so nice to meet you. Thank you for allowing me this honor.”

“Well who could resist the charms of pretty little thing like you?” KVT smiles at Kathryn. “Besides, us Kathryn’s have to stick together right?”

Kathryn smiles and nods, sitting down at the large round table in the room. “Please for this interview call me Kate. That way there is no confusion. I have always admired female wrestlers doing co-ed wrestling. I think it takes real courage to face all these males who are double your size.”

“It’s an interesting one because I’ve never really known any different. Being a second generation wrestler, I grew up in the industry and I’m not one for change. It’s always worked this way so why change it now?”

“Makes sense to me. Do you ever become awestruck of the other wrestlers? Of your teammates?”

“Awestruck definitely isn’t the word I’d choose. It takes a lot for me to speak out about other wrestlers as far as praise is concerned. As for Dynasty, when I was contemplating making my return, certain actors were involved. Of course my initial intention and still is one of the top things on my agenda, was to destroy Tobias Devereux; but the timing and the company had to be right. So I looked over the roster and had to admit, it was some of the best talent I had seen in a LONG time. Then when those particular Superstars presented me with a chance to join them? How’s a girl supposed to refuse. Speaking of my teammates, any ideas when they are getting here, I thought this was a group interview?”

“I am a big fan of yours so I asked you to come in a bit earlier than them, they are actually in the lobby now I’m sure.”

“Well I’m glad someone on the UTA Staff can appreciate talent when they see it” KVT smirks

Kate grins and pages the front desk of the UTA studios and has the receptionist send the rest of Dynasty up to the meeting room. “They will be here momentarily.” Kate smiles “ So one more quick question, how do you have time for a personal life with your job?”

“You make time.” KVT looks away for a second then back to Kate. “Between the UTA and The Doll House I don’t get much time to myself, but when I do. I make the most of it. I trust my staff at The Doll House enough now that I can leave it in their capable hands and jet off somewhere for some fun, but I’m never gone long… or did you mean my sex life?” She laughs.

Kate blushes and is thankful to hear a knock on the door, “I’m sure we will find some time without a camera. Maybe you can introduce me to some guys.” Kate grins as she gets up to answer the door.

KVT greets each of her team mates with a Continental kiss on each cheek.

“Now that we have all of the members here, lets get this Dynasty interview started.” Kate smiles.

“I want to know and I’m sure the world does as well, how did you decide to become a group and why?”

Perfection smiles and looks over at Claude who gestures for Perfection to go ahead and take over question. He adjusts the UTA Championship that is draped over his left shoulder so it’s in focus to the camera. “UTA was missing a crucial elements prior to Ring King on pay-per-view. We had a weak, pathetic excuse for a champion that lacked the fortitude to rise from his bed and chose to remain absent, Chance Von Crank was signed, pampered, and released. Abdul Bin Hussain up and resigned. Management was failing and someone needed to rise and bring some leadership.”

Perfection then raises his right arm up and wave towards the rest of the rest of Dynasty “As far as becoming a group, months of planning, working, and finding a way to establish our dominance. Back at Thursday Night Rage in June Claude and I discussed the possibility of attempting an overthrow of this organization because of it’s dysfunctionality. I then approached Sean Jackson who convinced us that there were other ways to accomplish our goals.”

Kate nods and smiles, “I see, well maybe not, what is Thursday Night Rage? And was this decision made before or after Black Horizon when Mr. Wingate sent you to VCW?”

"Is that a joke? I knew Wingate was in the business of hiring amateurs! Thursday Night Rage was VCWs flagship show. This is exactly why Dynasty was formed, lack of leadership, the hiring of clueless people, the inept decisions that need to be corrected!"

“James, play nice with the girl, she’s new. Give her a chance.”

“Well I’m sorry, I watched UTA not VCW, I honestly didn’t know where to find it. Anyways, lets move on. You have mentioned the guys, why involve KVT?”

“I pretty sure the question should be why not? Isn’t it obvious?  I bring a little something extra to the table and regardless of gender, I still have more skill, more talent, more brains and by far more experience than some of the so-called UTA superstars on the roster today.”

“Fair enough,” Kate shuffles some of her notes “The championship show is coming up quickly so what is the main plan on keeping the belts in your ‘court’ let’s say?”

“That’s easy” Sean replies.  “There isn’t a soul on this roster who can take the belts from Perfection and CBR.  But we know that those losers from Shoot Kings wants the world to think that they can stand toe to toe with us….”

Sean’s eyes squint, his nostrils begin to flare.  “Hell, the world wants to think they can survive Dynasty.  But the fact of the matter is that Dynasty is here to stay, we will be holding all the gold and as we’ve been saying since day one, there isn’t any room for heroes.”

“So do you look at yourselves as the bad guys?”  Kate asks.

"I prefer, realistic." Kathryn smiles.

“Understood, now Sean you say you will be holding all the gold what about when it comes to the six tag team match that you and Kathryn are involved in?”

“Ah yes, the six tag team match for the new UTA tag team titles.  Can you just see it now, Sean Jackson and Kathryn Velmont Thomas, UTA tag team champions.  It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?  Well Kate, there isn’t a tag team out there who can beat KVT and myself.  As far as I’m concerned, those belts are as good as ours because what Dynasty wants, Dynasty gets.  Bottom line.”

“You sound awfully sure, I must say I’m excited to see all the new talent in that particular match. You have the new guys to face, The Truth is debuting in that match. We will also see newcomers Red and Ted and Uncle Rocky and Robot Pete. How are you going to fight the man in the robot suit?”

“We are sure of ourselves Kate.  Look who my tag team partner is.  KVT went out, on her own and defeated IM Hate all on her own.  Not only that, there isn’t a single person here in UTA who has the sack or the breasts to pin her shoulders to the mat.  The Truth, who is a formidable team in their own right, is nowhere near our level.  As far as Ren and Stimpy go, they are just fodder for us to beat on and Uncle Rocky and Robot Pete have about as much of a realistic chance as christians in ISIS controlled Syria.  The bottom line is that Dynasty WILL have all the belts when everything is said and done.”

Whilst Sean is talking KVT feins embarrassment playfully.

“You talk alot about KVT and her accomplishments you wont make her win this match by herself right?”

"Kate, do you understand the meaning of the word teamwork?"

“I do, but it seems Sean is talking so much about how you can’t be beat. Is he up for the challenge as well?”

"In a match such as this, on paper, I technically have the least chance, I'm the only woman stepping into that ring against ten, TEN men. All Sean is doing is reminding everybody what a credible threat I am. If I honest to god thought Sean was not up to the challenge, I wouldn't be going into this match with him, it's that simple."

“If I didn’t know any better Kate, I would think that you went to the Rumor Man Stan’s school for Journalism.  I talk about KVT being the top notch athlete she is because I know what she’s capable of.  But what strikes me as funny is the blatant attempt by Wrestle UTA to drive wedges in between us.  Well Kate, as sure as I’m here right now.  KVT and Sean Jackson will be the Wrestle UTA tag team champions and there won’t be a damned thing that anyone can do about it.  Least of all Wrestle UTA owner James Wingate.”

“I’m not trying to drive a wedge. It just seemed to me like you had more faith in KVT’s abilities than you did your own. But anyhow we will find out on the championship show if you both can overcome the other five teams.”

“Oh don’t worry about that Kate, we will overcome them, just like we’ll overcome the bias that Wrestle UTA has against us.  Now you brought up the word faith, like it has some meaning in all of this.  Well, this is where my faith lies.  My faith is totally in my partner, in my team, and in the fact that the UTA hierarchy will use whatever means necessary to screw us over.  But unlike the midget minded other teams who stumbled into this match by blind luck, we’re here because we’re supposed to be.”

Claude you have been quiet throughout this entire interview, with you defending your internet title on October nineteenth is there anything you would like to say to The Spectre? You have already lost to him once. What are you doing to prepare this time?

"Look Kathryn, I have been in the UTA for almost nine months.  Every man who has stepped into the ring with The Canadian Star has fallen, been beaten, and I've now held this Internet Championship for nearly one hundred and thirty days, more than every other former Internet Champion combined.  The Spectre is a hall of fame member for a reason - his past is littered with glory and he's the only man in the UTA who can say they have legally pinned my shoulders to the mat.  But, Dynasty has all the belts for a reason.  Myself, Sean Jackson and Perfection are the top three ranked superstars in this business for a reason.  KVT WILL be top four ranked soon enough for a reason.  And whilst last time I may have underestimated The Spectre, taken the challenge a little lightly.  This coming Wrestleshow, I am going into war determined, focused and at my very, very best."

“That’s what we like to hear as fans, we would love to see a great match and that will only happen if both of the superstars work a hundred and ten percent. I for one am looking forward to the championship show and seeing the entire roster compete. It’s been a pleasure talking to each and every one of you and I look forward to seeing you all compete for your respective belts.”

“You know Kate, you say that you’re looking forward to seeing us compete.  But to compete, there has to be someone there to compete with.  As far as Dynasty is concerned, this coming Wrestleshow is going to be nothing less than an organized slaughter of sheep.  It’s going to be like shooting fish in a barrel.  Hell Kate, it’s going to be an eradication of the Wrestle UTA roster, because of Wingate’s sins.  The sins he committed by allowing that son of a bitch Spectre and burnout Madman Szalinski to screw with us over and over again.  But because of those sins, we’re going to make a lot of people pay.  We’re going to make them pay in blood, pay in sweat, and pay in tears.  Because there’s no room in Wrestle UTA for heroes.”

Perfection stands up and starts to walk towards to door before turning around to talk. “Let’s simplify this, we are the best, we prove that each and every time we step into that ring. We prove that by maintain untouchable spots as the company champions, soon to be the Tag Team Champions as well. There’s a reason we formed this group and that’s for complete dominance in the wrestling world. Shoot Kings, Red and Ted, The Truth, none of them have even an iota of the talent this group has. Great matches, competition, those are reserved for people who can actually stand toe to toe with us, which is who?”

Perfection opens the door and walks out as the room is silent “That’s what I thought.”