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We cut to the ring, where only a referee and the ring announcer stand. Suddenly, the lights turn green, and a spotlight his the stage. “2020 by SOL, hits the PA System, and UTA’s newest wrestler, Mikey Unlikely, makes his way through the curtain. Mikey is wearing his ring gear, including the jacket he wears to the ring, with the hood up. He is holding a microphone, which he brings to his lips…

Mikey: “Cut the tunes, DJ.”

Mikey stops at the top of the stage, as the fans continue to cheer, after the music fades out.

“Tonight only, is the big mystery extravaganza,
Step in the arena, already a boss, like Tony Danza,
They say its super random, just like the lottery,
Everybody gets a shot, you’d think it’s armed robbery,”

The fans cheer, as Mikey takes a break, and slowly starts walking down the ramp. He once again brings the Mic to his mouth.

“New kid on the block, no need to be hanging tough,
Don’t know who I am facing, interestingly enough,
Could it be a rookie or a vet, champion or contender,
Someone is going to learn, that Mikey is no pretender, “

He reaches the fans at ringside, and gives em some high fives, turns and high fives, fans on the other side of the aisle.

“Bridgeport’s seen Bush, Lincoln, and even Martin Luther King,
But it’s seen nothing, Like Mikey Unlikely, standing in the ring,
Call the Connecticut Post, ‘Unlikely Undefeated’ will read the front page,
Know this, I don’t plan on failing, now that I’m on the big stage! “

Mikey reaches the ring, and walks around it lightly. He finds the steel steps to the ring, and climbs them. Now on the ring apron, he begins speaking as he ducks between the 2nd and 3rd rope.

“I’m ready for a fight, my anxiousness palpable,
Send me my opponent, whether that’s single or multiple,
Their name doesn’t matter, and their looks even less,
Whomever they are, their also my first step to success,”

In the ring, he saunters to the middle, drops the hood on his coat, and methodically finishes his rap, looking directly into the camera.

“Mikey Unlikely is here in Bridgeport, Connecticut,
In the UTA, Where my decadence is irrelevant,
Rookie in the ring, but on the mic I’m a veteran,
They tell wrestlers want me, I say LET EM IN!”

Mikey drops the mic in the center of the ring, and climbs the nearest corner turnbuckle and poses to the fans as they snap pictures.