Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Where Is Spectre?

Conspicuous by his absence, there are a growing number of people, fans and UTA officials alike, wondering on the whereabouts of UTA Hall of Famer The Spectre. After his impressive victory or previously undefeated CBR at Wreslteshow 22, Spectre has seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth.

There was some concern over his well-being and physical health after Spectre had apparently been suffering from migraines. There have been no reports from any medical facilities or UTA medical personnel of Spectre being admitted to or checking himself into a hospital for further evaluation.

Some of Spectre’s harsher critics have dismissed this as more mind games and that Spectre is perfectly fine, while others have been of the opinion that Spectre is fine, but is waiting for the right moment to make his next appearance, as if he is laying in wait, studying and observing his opponents, which could be ANYONE on the next Wrestleshow. Still others believe Spectre’s on-again, off-again migraines may be legit, and that he is fighting through the pain, and taking a bit of time off until the last possible moment.

With the circumstances surrounding this next card completely up in the air, it would seem like this would be the ideal situation that Spectre would not only relish, but excel in. Spectre’s historical knack for stepping up above and beyond in completely unknown scenarios has usually placed him as a favorite and an almost sure winner.

Will Spectre even be a factor let lone show up at the next Wrestleshow, even with the looming threats by upper management of “mandatory booking, mandatory appearance” and “no show, automatic termination” being thrown about?

Stay tuned.