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Spectre's thoughts on possible Dynasty involvement during his match against CBR

UTA reporters recently caught up with resident nutcase The Spectre, and he was posed with the question if he was prepared for possible or even likely intervention by the remaining Dynasty members during his match against CBR this Sunday.  Spectre didn’t hold back in his response.

“The question isn’t IF, but WHEN… And the answer is very simple.  See, I know how things like this, how “gangs” like this operate.  And I sure as hell just didn’t roll into UTA from off the developmental leagues greener than a tree frog.  I’m not going to fall for their tricks or juvenile “distractions”.  If one of them jumps on the apron, then I will make sure CBR “meets” his buddy face to face and sends said buddy crashing down to the floor.

If one of them tries to get my attention while I’ve got CBR in a headlock and squeezing his head like a big juicy pimple, then I will respond with a big “bird” right between my fingers, and keep squeezing his head until it POPS!

 If the lights “mysteriously” go out, then I will quickly escape in the darkness outside the ring while they unknowingly bludgeon their partner CBR to a bloody pulp, then cackle with delight at the looks on their faces when they see the fuck up they’ve made!  Hehehehe…

And if KVT tries to tries to put moves on me better suited for a two dollar Tijuana whore, I’ll do to her before she does to me.  And by that I mean kick that dyke in the crotch and send her crawling back into her corner!  OR maybe…..heheheheh…maybe, I’ll surprise her grabbing hold of her in my arms before she can react and shoving my tongue so far down her throat I’ll be able to tell what she had for dinner earlier in the evening!!  She wants to get involved?  She wants to try and provide a “sexy” distraction, like I actually want to have anything to do with ANOTHER skank like Vanessa?  Then she’s either that damn stupid, is TRULY desperate to ride the white horse, or is naïve enough to believe I’m the typical male out there!

I’ve seen tricks like that before, and KVT’s methods of trickery are downright desperate!  Bat your eyes at me, and I will bat your body with my fists.  This ISN’T any sort of violence against women type thing, and I am outspoken against it in general.  The thing is, when a female athlete inserts herself into the big picture, and gets involved, or has the potential to get physically involved,…. especially MY matches, then she is just as fair game as anyone else in the locker room! Equal rights equal an equal opportunity at physical harm in professional wrestling, no matter who you are!  KVT knows this, and SHOULD expect some sort of physical response from me, not some lustful response. I'm not the type to just stand there like an idiot with my hands to my side and say, 'Oh! She's a woman.  I cant hit her.  I'll just stand here like a dummy while she beats, claws, bites and scratches me!'

Besides, the other members of Dynasty would be absolutely STUPID to try anything with a wild hyena running loose somewhere in the building.  You never know when or where Johnny could pop up.  Hehehehehehe…

And if they don’t want to run the risk of ruining CBR’s “perfect” singles record with a possible disqualification, then they’d be best served if they remained in the back and uninvolved, lest they piss off CBR already, and cause a rift in Dynasty.”

Spectre was asked if he had sought out assistance from anyone in the locker room, knowing the potential for a full-on assault by Dynasty.

“I COULD do that, but then… I would be no better than the likes of those cowards in Dynasty.  They ALL had the potential and talent to do things alone without resorting to the gutless gang mentality, thinking there is power in numbers!  But the only thing the formation of their group accomplished was that Perfection will now have THREE less people going after the UTA Championship.


Funny how TWO of those three are also in the Top THREE in the rankings!  I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree with CBR and Sean Jackson!  They’ve screwed themselves!

But, NO, I haven’t solicited any help from anyone in the UTA, because I know that “help” will come regardless of whether I want it or not.  It’s the nature of the beast.  It’s the nature of man’s thirst for REVENGE.”