Posted by Rumor Man Stan


Unbeknownst to everyone, The Spectre has allegedly been battling with a potentially serious medical condition over the past two weeks.  Though not life threatening, word coming out of UTA medical staff is that The Spectre has been suffering from migraines.  Further, these intensity and frequency of these headaches has raised some eybrows with not only the medical staff, but some of the higher ups.

There concern is whether or not these migraines Spectre has alleged to have had, have only been going on for the past two weeks.  Most people agree, Spectre is a workhorse, and has a passion for the business, and has been through many grueling matches over the years.  Have those matches and concussions suffered over the years taken their toll on mot only Spectre's body, but his mind as well?  

The better question is... how long have these headaches REALLY gone on?

Spectre has promised UTA medical staff he will alert them of any further changes, but has also promised to work through the sometimes debilitating headaches.

Let's all hope this is only a temporary setback for the Purple Haired Freak.