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The United Toughness Aliiance was live in Washinton D.C. at the Verizon Center for the first of three big shows in the D.C. and Maryland area. All three sold out quickly. Culminating with Wrestleshow on Sunday the Seventh. 

New comers Thatcher Rex and Gentleman Jack put on a great show. The Gentleman took of advantage of the referee getting knocked down from being in the wrong place. Thatcher caught a low blow and fell victim to "High Society". Gentleman Jack was your winner.

Kathryn Velmont Thomas got the win over Hex Girl. Thomas stopped Hex on the top ropes. She proceeded to grab Hex and hit a Muscle Buster style move to perfection. KVT gets the win.
Blackbeard on a hot streak as of late took on Will Haynes. Haynes took a beating for most of the match. Blackbeard looked to have the match won but Haynes hit  "The Kush" out of nowhere. Haynes scored the pinfall victory.
Tobias Devereux was able to make Luscious submit with “Da Gator Nap”. Luscious fought a good fight but Devereux came out on top.
FKA The Wrestler faced J Stevenson in a heated re-match. FKA came to play today. Stevenson was off his game today. The Wrestler scored the pinfall victory after landing a well executed Double Underhook Snap DDT. Stevenson was knocked cold.
The Main Event. “The Natural Boy” Dan Benson squared off with La Flama Blanca. Two men in the Top Three for the Internet Title. Blanca was able to make Benson submit after catching him in "The Dirty". 
Worth every penny.