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The Derailment of the Spectre/Madman tag team

If UTA Hall of Famer The Spectre with his recent promos tell you anything, they reveal a freak who is fed up with one Madman Szalinski, who just so happens is scheduled to be his tag team partner at Wrestleshow 21 against Dynasty members Perfection and Sean Jackson.

One would think Madman Szalinski was actually Spectre’s opponent the way he’s been ripping into him, focusing more on Madman’s recent fall from grace rather than the task facing both men- and a daunting task it is.

With Perfection claiming the UTA Championship at Ring King from Madman Szalinski and the formation of Dynasty, and the fact that Sean Jackson is looking for some sort of retribution after suffering a rare loss at the hands of The Spectre, the team of the Freak and the Madman may be doomed for failure and a humiliating loss.

The question on many fans minds is why Spectre appears to be hellbent on picking a fight with the former UTA Champion instead of relishing in his recent defeat of Sean Jackson, and having another opportunity to face him again during the tag match.

Spectre was recently quoted as saying , “It’s very rare for me to participate in tag team matches because historically, my tag team partners are currently either dead, or retired.  I am reluctant to try and build any sort of tag relationship because quite frankly, I have lost complete faith in any tag partner placed beside me.  And Madman Szalinski is already proving to me that he falls into the exact same category as all my other tag team partners from the past- one foot in the grave or ready to ride off into the sunset.

I have always been one to give 110 percent in my singles matches, and expect no less in a tag match from any partner I may have.  At this point, after Madman’s less than thrilling performance at Ring King, and his bizarre almost non-existence sans one video blog and a brief appearance on UTA radio, his effort has been, AT MOST… FIFTEEN percent!  That is totally unacceptable! Either he needs to give his all, or none at all!  Otherwise I might as well have Johnny the hyena sitting over in the corner as my tag partner!  If he can’t give me 110 percent, then he doesn’t need to even bother showing up.  I’ll just go at it alone, like I usually do, and give absolutely everything I have within my soul to try and defeat Perfection and Sean Jackson.”

Has Spectre committed tag team suicide by publicly berating his tag team partner who likely isn’t familiar with the method to Spectre’s madness?  How much will this apparent derailment of a potentially promising tag team motivate Dynasty and build their confidence up heading into Wrestleshow 21?

Stay tuned!