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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Cleveland, Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena in front of a sold out crowd.

Graham Clauson and Luscious kicked the night off perfectly. Solid back and forth with the more experienced Clauson getting the win.
Blackbeard and J Stevenson had quite a match but there was no winner due to time restraints.
Frank Harrison and Dan Benson brawled it out in a good one. End result, Harrison gets a big win.
Will Haynes made quick work of Kidd Love. Haynes hit “The Kush” and got the Three Count.
Chris Hopper squeaked out a tough fought match. Thatcher Rex brought his “A” game stuff but Hopper still has plenty in the tank.
The Main Event. Champion VS Champion. VCW’s Dick Fury faced UTA’s Perfection. Fury looked to go home the winner when Sean Jackson hit the ring and attacked the VCW Champion. Dynasty stood over Fury and heard a lot of hate from the fans.
Worth every penny.