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Join Conrad Teller for the second Webisode of his new series, Tell Con Teller. This week, Conrad finds out what's bugging the UTA Universe leading up to Wrestleshow in Salisbury Maryland.

The shot opens tight on the bust of Conrad Teller. Con is wearing a black UTA T-Shirt and a goofy over-sized smile. This week, a hint of tape shows from under Con's collar. It would appear he's still taped up from his confrontation with Apollo Cain. With a microphone in hand, he begins speaking; full of energy and excitement.

"Welcome ladies and gents, and a special shout out to my Convicts. Thanks for tuning in - to the second Webisode of..."

Con smirks, raising his hands in the air in rhythm to his words.

"...Tell Con Teller!"

Conrad chuckles.

"This week..."

Con throws his hands to his sides and the camera zooms out, revealing Conrad to be stood in front of a giant sign with the painting of a snake on it.

"...I'm at the Salisbury Zoo - right here, in Salisbury Maryland! Home to the United Toughness Alliances Wrestleshow event this week!"

Con enjoys his cheap pop for a moment before continuing.

"And hopefully, I can get help some UTA fans vent there frustration today... not by bottling it up! No, by telling someone about it. And who should you tell!?!"

Conrad motions towards the Zoo behind him before throwing his arms up in the air.

"Tell Con Teller!"

Conrad smirks as the scene cuts to inside the Zoo. In this scene, Conrad is stood alongside a teenage girl in a Madman Szalinski T-Shirt. Behind them, a terrarium full of snakes slither around.


Conrad motions towards the young girl next to him, shooting her an innocent wink.

" Anna. Anna, obviously..."

Con motions towards Anna's t-shirt.

" a Madman Szalinski fan. So, this should be good."

Con chuckles.

"Tell us Anna, Tell Con Teller... what's gotten your goat this weekend?"


Anna looks disgusted.

"...I was horrified by what KVT did to Madman Szalinski's wife at Ring King! That just wasn't right. Ariel is not a wrestler and therefore KVT had no right to put her hands on her."

Conrad shrugs.

"I guess you're right; though some may argue that Ariel put herself in that position in the first place."

Anna doesn't look like she's happy with that comment.

"Are you saying that what KVT did was ok, Con?"

Conrad raises his hands defensively.

"Not at all. No one should have laid a hand on Ariel this past weekend. That was crossing a line... but I'm afraid it may be nothing compared to what this... Dynasty, has in store for us next."

The scene cuts once again - this time to a much darker room. Behind Conrad looks to be an enclose of Bats.

"This is Danny."

Con points to the teenage boy standing next to him. The kid looks kind of shy by also eager and excited.

"Danny says what's bugging him this week is the Dynasty - isn't that right Danny."

"Yeah. I don't like them. They're... bad news. They're going to be bad news..."

Conrad places a hand on Danny's shoulder and it does seem to comfort him - a little.

"The Dynasty is probably going to be a problem, I give you that. A problem that doesn't have an easy fix... but that doesn't mean people, people like me, people like Blanca and Madman, it doesn't mean we won't keep up the fight. For as long as it takes."

Danny seems to be comforted as the scene cuts to a middle aged guy with a beer in his hand, stood outside the bathrooms.

"You wanna' know what's bother me, Con!"

The guy acts slightly intoxicated and Conrad notices, taking a step back as the man speaks.

"That everyone is giving Perfection so much shit for doing what he does best... winning. Madman wants to cry, fine. All his little fans wanna' cry, fine. Just do it at home; behind closed doors. Don't subject us to it and definitely don't make up excuses why Perfection beat you."

The man follows this up with a loud belch and Conrad's only response is to smile and shake his head from side to side. The scene cuts again, this time to a very young girl - five or six. She's all smiles and the camera is close up on her face.

"I... I'm... I'm mad about the Dynasty. They're mean!"

The scene cuts from there to a shot of a teenage boy in a baseball cap. Conrad Teller is stood next to the kid with a microphone and, behind them, sits a giant tank filled with all kinds of different fish.

"I'm Kevin."

"And what's been getting you heated this week, Kevin. Please, Tell Con Teller!"

Conrad smirks and the kid looks like he's really eating it up.


The kid lets out a deep breath.

"...I'm pissed that Apollo Cain stole your win at Ring King. You had that match won!"

The kid is very over animated with his hands.


Con throws the kid a wink.

"It was a good fight - all the draw means is we get to do it all over again."

The kid grins - apparently he hadn't taken that fact into consideration. The scene cuts again - this time to an open enclosure that sinks down below eye level. A sign to the left of Conrad  visibly says the word 'Bears' on it. The lady to Conrad's left is dressed like a soccer mom but she looks very excited to be speaking with Conrad.

"I'm unhappy that Ring King is over! It was such a great PPV!"

"I think we're all a little sad that Ring King has come and gone, but what a wild ride we got out of it - don't you think?"

"Oh yes."

The woman smirks at Conrad very flirtatiously as the scene cuts one final time, back outside the front of the Salisbury Zoo. Conrad is stood alone with his microphone and smile.

"Well folks, that's all the time we have for this week. It appears that most people are unhappy with this new group, the Dynasty, and I can't say I blame them. I currently have my hands full with VCW and Apollo Cain but I promise - if there's anything I can do to maintain balance and equality around here, I will. Dynasty or no Dynasty."

Conrad shakes his head up and down matter of factly.

"Until next week everyone - and remember, if you have any gripes you want aired between now and Webisode 3, than you can find me at @UTAConTeller over on Twitter. Thanks for tuning in..."

Conrad raises his arms.

"...To Tell, Con, Teller!"

Conrad shouts at the top of his lungs as the scene cuts and the webisode comes to an end.