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Cameras catch Apollo Cain walking backstage his dreads tied to the back hanging almost to the middle of his back. He’s got on black jeans, a silver designer Jamie Sawyers hustles around a corner to catch up with him.


Apollo turns around his arms extended telling Sawyers to slow it down.

“Whoa man! You sound like paparazzi. What’s good?”

Jamie stands bent over with his hands on his knees, he takes a few deep breaths and composes himself.

“You need to hit the gym.”

Apollo looks at Sawyers with a raised eyebrow.

“Thank you. Look.” Deep breath. “I need a favor Apollo. Please?”

“What?! I’m not giving you no money! Damn man, you better get a side job or something.”

Apollo dismisses Jamie Sawyers and begins to walk off. Jamie reaches an arm out and grabs Cain’s arm. Cain looks at him like he must be crazy as Jamie immediately lets go and begins ranting.

“Look, please please. Apollo don’t hurt me, you have to level with me…look I met this woman.”

Apollo softens his gaze and he can see genuine feeling in Sawyers eyes.

“Ok…I get it; you want me to come over and give her the old black Mamba huh? What you wanna watch you old pervert?”

“Uh, no Apollo.”

Apollo gives a nonchalant “My bad.”

“You’ve got one of the hottest stories going right now Apollo. Everyone wants the inside scoop on what went on with you and Conrad Teller in prison. EVERYONE!”

Jamie Sawyers holds up a hand like, wait there’s more.

“And the reporter that lands it is supposed to have a million dollar deal on the table from one of the big dog wrestling mags.”

Apollo gives a disinterested look.

“I’m not telling this story right now, Jamie. It’s not a quick fix. Tough shit. I came as a fan tonight.”

“Not now…whenever you’re ready. Please let my girlfriend be the one…she’s a real gem Apollo.”

Jamie gives a deflecting look, begging for sympathy. His hands clasped together in front of his face.

“Apollo, this is the biggest story going right now…the drama mags are eating it up. Madman v. Perfection, Spectre and Jackson…Teller and Cain. We all wanna know what went down!”

Apollo stares at Sawyers with a rather blank stare, he’s pondering the idea. Jamie says nothing at all to disturb him.

Apollo frowns up his face like a narcissist King dismissing his servant.

“Tuesday. My place.”

Jamie Sawyers eyes grow to the size of watermelons, he was ecstatic.

“Thank you…thank you so much Apollo. I’ll let her know. Anything else?”

Cain had already turned and was walking away.

“Tell her to wear something sexy!”

In a laughable moment Sawyers gives a look like he hopes…prays he’s joking.

“We’ll edit that last part out!”