WARPEDLIVE 14 - "RIDE OR DIE" 10/7/2010

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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #14 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.


The show fades in as we see "Chicago Ridge, IL - October 7, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.

The camera cuts to the ring. “Show Me A God” by Tech N9ne plays as the crowd unanimously boos the man who comes out to that music. Sure enough, Rough Ryder steps out from behind the curtain. He is in his street attire, and Jessica is not by his side like she would normally be. He also holds a mic in his hand.

Tony D: Here comes Ryder, and it looks like he means business.

Kris Red: He didn’t even bring Jessica out. What an injustice!

Tony: That was at the request of SwitchBlade, who at last week’s show asked for Ryder to come to the ring so he could talk to him about a deal. What do you think that’s all about?

Kris: Well considering what the champ went though in that handicap match, I don’t think he’s even going to make it to the show, Tony D.

Ryder climbs up the steps and enters the ring, indifference to the reaction the crowd is giving him. He walks over to the center of the ring and waits for his music to die down before speaking.

Rough Ryder: Last week our so called World Champion stuck his nose into my business and demanded that I come to the ring and hear what he has to say. Well Switchy, here I am! Are you coming out, or did Korrupt and PKA beat your ancient ass into a coma? C’mon, Chump! I’m a busy man. I don’t have time for your bullsh—

“Lost My Way” by Finger Eleven suddenly plays and the crowd erupts with cheers. The song continues to play for a few seconds, but SwitchBlade is nowhere to be seen. Ryder walks over to the ropes and leans his arms against them. Eventually the song dies down, but SwitchBlade has still not come out. The crowd starts chanting “SwitchBlade” as Ryder looks on, pissed that he was brought out for no reason.

Tony: It doesn’t look like SwitchBlade was able to make it, Kris.

Kris: The guy has to be lying in a hospital bed somewhere after the beating he took.

Tony: Well we are WARPED would like to give our best wishes to SwitchBlade, and we hope he has a speedy—

“Lost My Way” plays once more, and the crowd cheers louder hoping that SwitchBlade comes out. Finally, after a few more seconds, a figure emerges from behind the curtain, and it is none other than SwitchBlade. He has a very large bandage on his forehead, his arm is in a thicker looking cast, and he is limping as he walks. Some of the fans in the audience look disturbed by the image, but none more than Ryder who almost looks disgusted by what he sees. SwitchBlade still has the title on his good shoulder, and he carries it with him to the ring.

Tony: Well the champ is finally here, but he doesn’t look like much of a champ to me.

Kris: He looks like he got pummeled with every branch on the ugly tree, and then fell face first into the hideous river.

Tony: But he’s still moving, and the fans are showing their support for him.

SwitchBlade is slow to get to the ring, but eventually he makes it to the steps. He climbs up one step at a time, and then cautiously bends over as he steps through the ropes. Ryder steps back and keeps his eyes on SwitchBlade. Eventually the music dies down, and SwitchBlade stares face to face with Ryder. The crowd, remember their past matches together, get hyped up for a potential third clash, but Ryder quickly interrupts the tension.

Ryder: Switchy,you look like shit. I mean really, I thought you were pathetic looking before, but this is just sad; children with AIDs sad. I just wanna take you behind the shed and put two between the eyes. But I digress…what, oh what, could you possibly want with me? Another match? Another challenge? Speak up!

SwitchBlade rolls his eyes at the remarks, and asks for the mike. Ryder hesitates at first, but then offers SwitchBlade the mic…to his bad arm. Ryder laughs in a mocking manner, but SwitchBlade doesn’t look amused. Ryder eventually hands it to SwitchBlade’s good arm. The champ takes it and starts to speak.

SwitchBlade: Ryder, I don’t like you, and you certainly don’t like me. But you and I are two sides of the same coin. We’re both warriors hungry for this.

SwitchBlade taps the belt with his mic. Ryder nods in agreement.

SwitchBlade: The World Championship is all that matters to you, and part of me respects that. Part of me also realizes that, even though you’re the biggest asshole in the company, you can put your money where your mouth is. You’ve laid out many opponents, and you’ve earned your spot at the top.

Ryder pulls the mic towards himself.

Ryder: I love the ass kissing Switchy, but how about you get to the point already.

SwitchBlade pulls back.

SwitchBlade: My point is…that you’re the only person I can go to for help. Ryder looks taken aback at first, but a wicked grin eventually shows up on his face.

Kris: Help? He expects Ryder to HELP him?

Tony: This is quite unexpected. Does it have something to do with Korrupt and PKA?

Kris: It must be.

Ryder pulls the mic back towards him.

Ryder: Let me guess. This is the part where you ask me to help you beat up Korrupt and PKA because you can’t do it by yourself, right? Poor widdle Switchblade got a boo-boo, and now he wants the bad men to go away. Is that it?

SwitchBlade looks down, seemingly ashamed, and nods. Ryder laughs.

Ryder: Please! That is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing. Why on earth would I want to help you? Huh? Tell me that, Switchy!

SwitchBlade lifts his head back up, takes a deep breath, and yanks the microphone from Ryder’s hand with strength from seemingly out of nowhere. SwitchBlade once again pounds on the title with the mic.

SwitchBlade: THIS! THIS is why you’re going to help me, Ryder. I know you want another shot at it. I know you CRAVE it. You can’t stop thinking about it late at night. It haunts you, it controls your every thought. I’ve beaten you twice for this title, and as far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t make you a contender anymore. And that eats you up inside, doesn’t it? You’re stuck in opening matches while I get to play at the main event, a spot YOU want to be in. Am I right?

Ryder doesn’t say a word. His eyes, glaring at SwitchBlade, say it all. It was the truth.

SwitchBlade: Well then this is your chance at another shot. Last week I tried to take down Korrupt and PKA myself, but I failed. I admit it; they were too much for me to handle alone. But with you by my side, with you as a partner…they wouldn’t stand a chance. Those two aren’t in it for gold, Ryder. They’re not looking to become the best. They just want to hurt people. I’m a target right now, but who’s to say you won’t be next? Or Midnighter? Or Malik? Or some other sorry sap who happens to be in their way? They are psychotic, deranged from the neck up. And if we don’t take them down now, if we don’t put them in their place, they’re going to take over Warped. So I ask you, as a personal favor to me, and to the fans here are Warped, and to everyone in the back looking to make it big in this business…will you help me take down Korrupt and PKA?

Ryder doesn’t grab the mic. He just stands there looking deep in thought.

SwitchBlade: If you do this, I will return the favor, and I will give you another shot at this. And the fans will have SwitchBlade/Ryder number three!

The crowd pops like crazy for that. SwitchBlade taps the belt with the mic once more to get Ryder’s attention.

SwitchBlade: What do you say, Ryder? Will you help me? Will you stand up for what’s right?

Tony: What do you think he’ll say?

Kris: Shut up, Tony! I’m trying to listen!

Eventually Ryder grabs the mic and pulls it back. He hesitates to answer at first, instead he looks out to the crowd. He hears cheers for the first time. A “SwitchBlade/Ryder” chant even starts up in the distance. Ryder, grinning, looks back at SwitchBlade and brings his lips closer to the mic.

Ryder: …No.

SwitchBlade looks shocked at the response. Ryder just smirks, pushes the mic to SwitchBlade’s chest, and walks out of the ring. The crowd boos for Ryder as he walks down the steps and back up the ramp.

Tony: He…he said no. Why would he say no to that.

Kris: It’s simple, Tony. He doesn’t answer to SwitchBlade, and he sure as hell doesn’t answer to the fans. He’s his own man, and he’ll get the title shot his own way.

Tony: With Ryder out of the picture, what will SwitchBlade do next?

Kris: Need I remind you that he STILL has a match with the man formerly known as Grundy, Grendel.

Tony: Things just seem to be getting worse and worse for our champ.

The camera focuses on SwitchBlade’s somber, confused face as we cut to the back.



FnX 3-Way: Rusty Red vs Blake Straker vs Crowbar

Before his match begins, "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red walks around the ring to his entrance music, but a random fan hands him a package. They explain that it was sent there for him. So what does Red do? He checks it out as he opens it and out comes confetti in his face! Red looks at him confused and a little annoyed as he then tosses the package back at the fan and pulls his t-shirt over his head for a jersey. The fan falls down off their chair and is rolling around on the floor behind the railing. From there he hops up onto the ring apron, steps in between the ropes and into the ring for his match up that's next! Maybe more will be revealed on that random act following this contest?

In the ring now, Crowbar is fired up as he goes right at Blake Straker and kicks him in the nuts!

Kris Red: "Well hell!!!"

The ref calls for the bell and it sounds as Crowbar stomps away at Straker. Rusty Red comes over and helps out, stomping away. They both bring Straker to his feet and whip him into the ropes. Straker off.. double clothesline! Crowbar goes for the pin.. 1... Red pulls him off by the leg. Red covers.. 1.. Crowbar pulls him off.

Tony D: "Well that certainly did not last long."

Suddenly from the stage we see that PKA has emerged as the fans begin to boo. He has his hands in his black jean pockets and slowly walks down the aisle as Crowbar and Red look on.

Tony D: "The man behind Korrupt, the self-proclaimed Ultraviolent Perfectionist, PKA, has arrived. But why?"

PKA brings his hands out of his pockets and crosses his arms as he stops halfway down the aisle but suddenly from behind both Crowbar and Red get knocked down by a clothesline from Blake Straker. Crowbar up... Straker with a right hand to take him down.. Rusty Red up.. Straker with a right hand taking him down! Both men get to their feet and Straker kicks Crowbar in the gut and sends him over the top rope right in front of PKA. The camera catches PKA shaking his head in disappointment.

Kris Red: "Peeks doesn't look too happy with Crowbar..."

Tony D: "After the praise he gave him at WARPED13, it doesn't look like the same is about to happen."

As Blake Straker turns around, Rusty Red levels him with a clothesline. The crowd boos at this and Rusty Red puts the boots to Blake Straker. Red then picks up Straker and whips him against the ropes, Straker comes back to a back elbow from Rusty Red. Rusty Red then begins to play to the crowd. The crowd boos him and he flips them all off and spits in their directions as Blake Straker gets up. Straker hits Red in the back of the head, causing him to drop. He then picks him up again and hits him in the back of the neck with a forearm. Blake then whips Red into the ropes and connects with a belly to belly suplex, leaving Red on the ground, holding his back.

Tony D: "These men are taking it to one another tonight!"

Kris Red: "That they are and I gotta say its good to see Blake Straker stepping it up a bit tonight."

The action continues in the ring as Blake Straker picks up Rusty Red and puts him in the corner, Blake delivers another chop before putting Red up on the top rope. Blake goes up there with him and delivers a TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX!!! Both men are down from the impact.

At the ringside area, PKA confronts Crowbar. Crowbar looks on, asking PKA what's up? PKA looks at him up and down and shakes his head, then turns his back. Crowbar grabs PKA at the shoulder and spins him around and puts his arms out, and PKA shakes his head and turns his back once more. The referee looks out of the ring, yelling for PKA to get to the back and Crowbar to get back in the ring!

Kris Red: "I wonder what's going on anyway..."

Suddenly in the ring Cameron Macnichol secretly slides in after running through the crowd and he hits a Clothesline From Hell on Rusty Red!!!

Tony D: "Whoa! A little redemption for Cameron MacNichol after the brutal attack with the cowbell last time!"

Kris Red: "But come on get out of the match maaaaaannn!!!"

PKA now starts walking away as Crowbar follows him, but then realizes he's in the match still..

In the ring.. Straker gets to his feet and has no idea what just went down but he covers... the ref turns around... Crowbar runs toward the ring... 1... Crowbar slides in... 2.... Crowbar breaks it up! Crowbar brings Straker to his feet and hits a big KFO Cutter out of nowhere! Suddenly PKA slides into the ring and Crowbar turns around to a kick in the gut followed by the P-Krusher! PKA plants Crowbar with an Implant DDT and the crowd doesn't know how to respond. PKA looks down at Crowbar with a look of disgust on his face as the referee gets in his face telling him to leave. PKA backs up to the ropes and goes over them, dropping to the outside. In the ring, we see Rusty Red is the one moving, as he drags himself forward and drapes an arm over the body of Crowbar... 1... 2... 3!!!

Kris Red: "Wow, and PKA basically hands Rusty Red the win!"

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Rusty.. Red!"

The crowd boos as Red pushes himself up off the mat. He holds his neck following the Clothesline from Hell via Cameron MacNichol. The camera catches Cameron standing in the crowd looking on, disappointed that his plan didn't entirely work to get his revenge and cost Red the match.

Kris Red: "Is it just me, or was this a cluster-F, and uh, where were the weapons?"

Tony D: "Not sure Kris...not sure.."

Red obviously knew who had given him that special package from the crowd. It was Cameron, trying to get inside his head before the match. What a smart play!

Rusty Red goes to the outside of the ring and kicks over the steel steps and starts to shake the ropes. He is clearly losing control and his anger is getting the best of him as he shouts aloud, "This isn't over!"




We fade backstage where the camera catches PKA and Korrupt walking together and talking when they suddenly stop, PKA holding his arm out to keep Korrupt from walking any further. Up walks The Rough Ryder alongside Jessica Reyes. PKA and Korrupt look her up and down, as Ryder brings their attention back to him.

Ryder: "Can I help you with something?"

PKA: "Heh... well, she.. oh nevermind. So, we heard your little 'in-ring segment' with Switchy didn't go so well earlier. Look man, don't worry about that, and don't worry about him. You've got his number and he knows it. He's just scared."

Ryder doesn't say anything, as he takes Jessica and begins to step away. PKA stops him.

PKA: "Wait. Wait."

Ryder turns to look back.

PKA: "Enough with SwitchBlade. How about you tell him to pound sand and join up with us? I'm assembling.. oh.. a group of men who I feel can help this company for the better, a movement if you will...and.."

Ryder: "You know what, let me stop you there. I'll tell you the same thing I told SwitchBlade. No."

PKA scoffs and looks at Korrupt with surprise. Ryder begins walking away.

PKA: "Suit yourself, and have fun going back to the show openers. Its almost pathetic. YOU are almost pathetic."

Ryder turns back...

PKA: "You used to be the second guy in WARPED, and now what? You're the second guy that comes out to the ring for the first match. You're looking at the future here - a promising future. You can't hold onto the past forever, hoping it'll come back. It won't, and neither will you."

PKA and Korrupt turn back and walk off and they leave Ryder there with Jessica to ponder what has been said.



Singles Match: Korrupt w/PKA vs. Cameron MacNichol w/Dyan

The bell sounds.

Korrupt and MacNichol lock up in the middle of the ring and Korrupt wraps his arms around MacNichol's waist and pulls him to the mat. Korrupt holds him there for a moment before moving around and locking in a front facelock. He then brings his knees up and into the face of MacNichol. MacNichol starts to get up though, fighting through the knee-to-head shots, but Korrupt knees him in his gut when they get up and brings him down to the mat again. MacNichol uses his power to roll away and get up. Korrupt gets up and MacNichol delivers a hard big boot sending him down!

Kris Red: "Wow! Cameron MacNichol with the BOOT!"

MacNichol makes the cover... 1... 2... kick out!

Cameron MacNichol gets up and picks Korrupt up with him as PKA slaps the mat at ringside, yelling obsenities at MacNichol. MacNichol lays in the punches as he backs Korrupt into the ropes, and Dyan cheers her brother on. Irish whip to Korrupt.. Korrupt comes back and MacNichol tries for a spinebuster but Korrupt drives his elbow into the head of MacNichol. MacNichol drops Korrupt and holds his head.. Korrupt, who landed on his feet, motions for MacNichol to come a little further, and he does, as Korrupt then grabs him and hits him with a T-Bone Suplex! He makes the cover... 1.. 2.. kick out!

Korrupt gets to his feet and raises his arms in the air telling everyone that he's "the man" and MacNichol is "finished"! He turns around though only to receive a backdrop! At ringside, PKA kicks the ringsteps, as at the other end of the ring, Dyan is excited! Korrupt gets up again and MacNichol quickly eecutes a powerslam. MacNichol picks Korrupt up and for the third time delivers another hard hitting move this time a belly to back suplex! MacNichol covers... 1.. 2.. kick out!

Tony D: "Cameron MacNichol is on fire tonight!"

Kris Red: "Korrupt won't go down that easily though. Come on!"

MacNichol mounts Korrupt and begins punching him with his right hand over and over, then grabs his arm and applies a fujiwara armbar, as Korrupt wiggles trying to get free and closer to the ropes.

Tony D: "The submission wrestler Cameron MacNichol going for a move to make Korrupt tap out!"

Korrupt is able to reach the bottom rope with his feet though and MacNichol is forced to break the hold, to the displeasure of the crowd here in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.

Kris Red: "The fans none too happy that Cameron has to break the hold but a rules a rule, come on!"

Cameron picks Korrupt up. He whips him into the corner and follows up, but Korrupt gets a boot up. Korrupt then approaches and goes for a german suplex but MacNichol won't allow it. He elbows Korrupt in his head and then whips him into the ropes. MacNichol calls for the Clothesline from Hell but Korrupt holds onto the ropes to prevent such from happening. MacNichol charges and Korrupt pulls the ropes down, sending MacNichol overboard.

Kris Red: "Oh watch the hell out!!"

Cameron MacNichol was literally one foot away from the announce table as he crashed.

Tony D: "No kidding! You almost got taken out."

The referee counts the 10-count. 1... 2... Korrupt and PKA exchange looks of confidence. 3... 4... Dyan goes to check on her brother, who begins to stir. 5... Korrupt goes to the ropes and has a few words with PKA. 6... MacNichol starts to get to his feet, as Korrupt is ready for him... 7... MacNichol enters the ring under the bottom rope. Korrupt wastes no time to go on the attack, stomping away at MacNichol's back and neck. Korrupt grabs MacNichol by his hair and pulls him up then sets him up for a Wrist Clutch Suplex.. But MacNichol counters, bringing Korrupt down and attempting to apply a Crossface submission!!

Kris Red: "MacNichol counters man! He has the family killer crossface locked in-!"

Tony D: "Jesus Christ Kris!!!"

Korrupt manages to escape, and he gets to his feet, holding his arm in pain. From ringside, PKA yells out for him to "DUCK!" and Korrupt does just that!

Tony D: "Clothesline from Hell!"

Kris Red: "Korrupt ducked it!"

MacNichol spins around in shock that he missed.. Korrupt kicks him in his gut and nails a Snap DDT into Guillotine Choke!!

Kris Red: "D.I.E.! Death's Infinite Ecstacy!"

Tony D: "Its locked in!!"

Kris Red: "Huzzah what a move!"

Cameron reaches for the ropes but he's too far away from them and he starts to lose consciousness.. the ref checks his arm and it drops.. He checks it again.. drops! And he checks it again.. he's out! The ref calls for the bell and this match is over!

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Korrrrrrupt!"

The crowd boos as Korrupt's music hits and PKA slides into the ring to congratulate him. PKA raises Korrupt's arm in the air while also holding his in the air and they fist bump before rolling out of the ring. MacNichol lays in the ring and starts to come to.

Kris Red: "What a good match between these two guys and once again Korrupt continues his winning streak. This guy is going to be a BIG star - mark my words!!"

Tony D: "I can't argue much with that, he does have a lot of talent and his win/loss record of late has been excellent. But you can't look past Cameron MacNichol, a man who has put on a great fight the last two matches, but he's barely lost, and of course the first loss being at the hands of Rusty Red, who didn't win in the best of ways."

Kris Red: "Well who's to say what's the 'best way' to win these days? Its 2010, Tony D, and - Wait!"

With Cameron and Dyan walking up the aisle way, Rusty Red comes out of nowhere with a blatant attack from behind! He hammers him down with axe handle smashes and knees before scurrying Dyan away from the action.

Tony D: "Rusty Red with the sneak attack!"

From there Red would grab a hold of Cameron and toss him sternum first into the steel guard rail that kept the fans from getting out of line. It's a good thing too because it looks like the fans want to help him out! No help for the Dirty Mac! From there "The Wanted Man" lays boots into his back before stopping himself.

Tony D: "Wow, what an attack by Rusty Red.. out of nowhere, from behind.. would you call THAT the 'best way' to do things?"

Kris Red: "Look, uh, he did what he had to do. Cameron tried costing him his match earlier, but looks like Rusty Red is sending a message in a bad bad way that he shouldn't do that."

After this display of coward-ism we see Red raise his arms up high in the air to the fans. They begin to throw things at him from their seats and boo him sporadically until he left him alone.

Kris Red: "Cameron MacNichol got pretty beat up there for his actions earlier on, though Red should definitely pay for what he has done here tonight in Chicago Ridge."




Singles Match: The Midnighter vs. Malik Logan

The scene fades into the ring where we see The Midnighter hand over his Evolution Title to the referee and the ref passes it on to the ringside area. The bell sounds, and the match begins. Malik Loganruns back on the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but The Midnighter merely ducks the clothesline, grabs hold of Malik, and plants him with a sidewalk slam. He gets up, and starts pushing Malik with his foot. Once Malik gets himself back up, The Midnighter attacks with a fury of punches all directed at Malik's head.

Tony D: "Malik Logan came out running but he's quickly being stopped in his tracks by the Evolution Champion, The Midnighter!"

The Midnighter brings Logan to his feet and then whips Malik to the ropes, and on the return.. The Midnighter boots him in the face. The big man backs up to the ropes then steps forward into an elbow drop onto Malik Logan. Cover... 1.. 2.. kick out.

Tony D: "A two count off the elbow drop."

Kris Red: "You know, Tony D, I'm not sure what it is but Malik Logan looks to be not all here tonight."

Midnighter picks up "The Hitman" by the hair, and drags him over to a turnbuckle. He throws him into the turnbuckle, and proceeds to hit him with powerful body blows to the stomach and chest.

Kris Red: "The Midnighter is relentless, man!"

He then whips Malik to the turnbuckle on the other side, and he crashes into it hard causing him to fall on his face. The Midnighter calmly walks up to Malik and basically holds his arms out, trying to figure out what's going on and why this is so easy!

Logan looks up at Midnighter and pushes himself up off the mat, and The Midnighter brings up up, but out of nowhere Malik Logan fires back with a few shots to the stomach, right and left hands connecting.

Tony D: "Finally, Logan showing some fight!"

The Midnighter just forearms him in the head, and knocks him back down.

Kris Red: "What were you saying?"

Tony D: "Oooh, a brutal forearm strike to the skull and look out.. a scoop .."

The Midnighter picks him up and nails a backbreaker, and covers.. 1.. 2.. kick out.

Midnighter now brings Logan to his feet and Logan kicks him in the gut, then hits the ropes and returns only to get a big spinebuster! Midnighter gets up to his feet quickly and the fans go wild with cheers. Instead of going for the pin, he just picks up Malik again and let's him stand. Logan is wobbly. In an almost non caring fashion, The Midnighterwaits for Malik to do something. Logan finally swings, and The Midnighter blocks the punch with his arm, kicks Logan in the gut, brings him into DDT position, hooks his right leg behind Logan's left, and drives him to the mat!

Tony D: "The TradeMark connects!"

He sits up, and looks to the fallen Malik Logan. Midnighter shakes his head, sighs, and locks in the Armbar!!!

Tony D: "90210 is locked in! That armbar submission maneuver is on tight and.. "

Logan taps out furiously, and the bell sounds.

Tony D: "Logan taps!"

Kris Red: "And its ova!"

The Midnighter releases the hold immediately.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - the Evolution Champion, The Midnighter!"

The Midnighter stands up, and the ref hands him the Evolution Title, then raises his arm in victory. Midnighter, while having his arm raised, just looks on at Logan, confused.

Tony D: "The Midnighter is victorious tonight in a very decisive way, and he looks a little puzzled at this time.."

Kris Red: "Hell, even I am. Malik Logan flat out blew it tonight, and I imagine The Midnighter was looking for a better fight than that tonight."

The Midnighter climbs out of the ring as the 4 lovely ladies join him at his side. He walks up the aisle, but turns around to look back into the ring, still baffled by what's transpired tonight and the easy victory. He turns back around and they head up to the back.



The bell sounds as the injured SwitchBlade and Grendel meet in the middle of the ring, Grendel looking down slightly at the World Champ. Grendel raises his left hand in the air for a test of strength but SwitchBlade can't raise his right arm because of the injury, and Grendel laughs at him. SwitchBlade delivers a left hand and Grendel takes a step back but then drills Switchy in the gut with a kick, then grabs the injured right arm and hits a shoulderblock to it. Holding onto the hand, Grendel pulls SwitchBlade into his shoulder and they meet again, SwitchBlade dropping to one knee, clutching his very injured arm.

Tony D: "This is just not right. SwitchBlade should not have to wrestle under these conditions."

Kris Red: "He signed up for it.. he wants it.. its his perogative."

Grendel reaches down for SwitchBlade and grabs hold of some hair and brings him up as SwitchBlade battles back with left fists to the stomach. He then hits the ropes and goes for a clothesline and connects but Grendel doesn't go down. Thorn cheers Grendel on from ringside as SwitchBlade hits the ropes again and returns with another clothesline that doesn't knock Grendel off his feet. Grendel dares him to try again. SwitchBlade hits the ropes and returns this time with a low dropkick taking Grendel down! SwitchBlade mounts Grendel and begins punching him as the ref opens the 5-count 1.. 2.. 3... 4... 5.. SwitchBlade gets up off of him while getting warned by the ref. He brings Grendel to his feet and whips him into the corner and Grendel bounces off and right into a running clothesline by SwitchBlade. Switchy covers 1... 2.. kick out with force!

Tony D: "Man I tell you what a kick out that was! We've definitely seen things get cranked to 11 lately from T.G. Grundy, now known as Grendel."

Kris Red: "Yeah, that face paint and his alignment with Thorn lately is way different than the Grundy we're used to."

SwitchBlade brings Grendel to his feet and Grendel immediately grabs the injured arm of SwitchBlade and pulls him to the mat with it, then begins stomping away. SwitchBlade rolls out of the ring and Grendel follows him out, stepping over the ropes and hopping down on the floor. SwitchBlade kicks him in the gut and then sends him face-first into the steel steps! The referee begins the 10-count... (1...)

Tony D: "SwitchBlade was able to lour Grendel out of the ring and now has found himself back in control of this match!"

(2...) SwitchBlade kicks Grendel while he's down repeatedly. The fans cheer him on. (3...) Thorn comes over to SwitchBlade and nearly hits him with a steel chair!

Kris Red: "Hey what's he think he's doing!?"

SwitchBlade sees this out of the corner of his eye and tackles Thorn to the floor! (4...) SwitchBlade is on top of Thorn and drilling him in the face with left hands (5...) until Grendel pulls him off by the hair. SwitchBlade executes a back elbow and Grendel stumbles back. (6...) SwitchBlade then kicks him in the gut and hits a snap DDT on the aisle! (7...) SwitchBlade gets to his feet and rolls into the ring... (8...) Grendel begins to stir at ringside.

Tony D: "Grendel's gonna get counted out it looks like, Kris!"

SwitchBlade stands in the middle of the ring as the referee counts Grendel out still... (9...) but suddenly from behind with a steel chair to the back of SwitchBlade is none other than Korrupt! PKA slides in after and the referee calls for the bell!

Randy Long: "Ladies and gentlemen, due to outside interference, your winner by disqualification - SwitchBlade!"

At ringside, Thorn doesn't look too happy. Thorn holds him back though and says 'its their time.. lets go' and holds back the monster. In the ring, Korrupt and PKA stomp away at Korrupt, especially his injured arm. Korrupt mounts Switchy and punches him repeatedly and his laceration from weeks before begins to bleed. The ref tries to pull Korrupt off but PKA kicks him in the gut and tosses him over the top rope. Korrupt gets off of SwitchBlade and PKA puts Switchy's injured arm in the chair as Korrupt climbs the turnbuckle. As the end is nearly there for SwitchBlade, none other than The Rough Ryder slides into the ring with a steel chair and cracks PKA over the skull! Korrupt hops off the turnbuckle and Ryder uses the chair, cracking him in the gut, then drives it into his back, sending Korrupt down.

The Rough Ryder has shocked everyone tonight as he's helped SwitchBlade out. PKA and Korrupt are out as Ryder helps SwitchBlade to his feet. SwitchBlade realizes who it is and takes a step back in shock. Ryder keeps ahold of him so he's good. We can hear Ryder say 'I still want my title shot, but their asses are mine'. The show ends as SwitchBlade and Ryder have a staredown in the ring, making everyone wonder if this is an alliance nobody ever dreamed would happen?!


Fade. To. Black.