Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Sources with inside knowledge of the situation have leaked that Apollo Cain will give a “Tell All” confession of what caused the rift between him and Conrad Teller early next week sometime.

We have not been able to confirm nor deny that any UTA official knew of their history before their signings.

There is a supposed “bounty” for any reporter who is able to secure the interview and it’s being said that Apollo Cain is playing it close to the vest as far as who it may be.

Stay tuned to to find out more as the interview will be available for stream here as soon as it hits the market.  Apollo Cain versus Conrad Teller is set to be a show stealer at Ring King 2014 and the pair have not disappointed with scathing words for one another so far.

James Wingate has been quoted as saying “You couldn’t write this stuff if you tried.  Only in the UTA!  Greatest show on canvas.” before getting into a limo at a meeting of UTA brass over the weekend.