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Join Conrad Teller for the first Webisode of his new series, Tell Con Teller. This week, Conrad finds out what's bugging the UTA Universe leading up to Ring King 2014.

The shot opens tight on the bust of Conrad Teller. Con is wearing a black UTA T-Shirt and a goofy over-sized smile. With a microphone in hand, he begins speaking; full of energy and excitement.

"Welcome ladies and gentleman, and a shout out to my Convicts! Thank you for joining me this evening - for the first ever episode of, "Tell Con Teller"."

Conrad pauses for a moment so his audience can soak that in... fully aware that, being the first episode, no one knows what "Tell Con Teller" is.

"Have you ever seen or heard something you didn't agree with... something that rubbed you the wrong way... something that you wish you had the capability of doing something about?"

Teller shakes his head up and down rapidly; a look on his face that says 'of course you have'.

"Well I'm here to suggest that no one do anything rash or stupid."

Conrad shakes his head comically from side to side.

"You can't go around putting your health in jeopardy all the time... and you shouldn't be putting your neck on the chopping block, just to defend what could be a complete stranger. No, instead... what I want you to do is..."

Conrad does the international 'Bring It' hand signal as he shouts.


Conrad smirks.

"That's right. Someone does something bad to someone you know..."

Conrad raises a hand, the symbol to join him.


Conrad snickers.

"Someone does something bad to you!..."

Again Con raises a hand.


It's clear as day that Conrad is loving every minute of this. The look in his eyes leading you to believe he is actually in front of a sea of "Convicts", all chanting his name.

"I don't want you guys and glas getting hurt or, even worse, getting sent to prison. Believe me, you do NOT want to go to prison. So restrain yourself, walk away... and..."

One final time Conrad raises an arm in the air.


Conrad slaps his hands together in excitement before the camera zooms back, revealing Con to be stood on the side of the road.

"I'll be your sounding board, UTA. I'll be your jury. I'll be your rationalization. And, in some cases, I may even be your executioner - but one thing I'll never do is judge you, my Convicts."

Conrad winks before casting an arm out to the right of him.

"On this, the very first episode of..."

Conrad nods his head as he screams.

"...TELL CON TELLER! I find myself on the streets of Dallas Texas; home to the 2014 edition of UTA's Ring King PPV! Earlier today I went in search of some of the United Toughness Alliance's fans - to find out what's been bugging them going into Ring King."

Conrad shakes his head up and down rapidly, still very excited.

"Here's what they had to say..."

The scene cuts to what appears to be earlier in the day. Conrad holding a microphone for a young kid in a cowboy hat. The sun is beating down on the two as they stand on the side of the street.

"So, Jessie, you say you're a big fan of UTA's... tell me? What's been bugging you leading up to Ring King?"

The guys bottom lip is bulging from dip and his accent is thick so it's kind of hard to understand him.


The "Cowboy" spits dip at Conrad's feet.

"...wuz' been buggin' me is that Perfection gan' have ta' fight Madman for tha' UTA Title. When we all know tha' boy shoulda' been handed that strap same time he won Ring King."

Conrad seems surprised by that one, speechless. The scene cuts to a young girl in pigtails and a pair of short jean shorts; Conrad stood next to her holding a microphone.

"I'm bugged by tha' way Perfection came ta' be Ring King. That man ain't nuttin' but a' cheat! I think..."

The girl moves in on Conrad and runs a hand along his bicep.

"...I think that you should show em' how it feels to get hit by a' chair."

Conrad chuckles.

"As much as we all want to see Perfection get what's coming to him, we'll have to leave that up to Madman at Ring King. In the mean time, I don't think I can go all vigilante on that one."

"Well why not!?! Ya' scared, Conrad Teller?"

Con blushes as the scene cuts again, this time to a young child, a boy, who looks just about as overly excited as Conrad does.

"Tell me little Bobby, what's been bugging you leading up to Ring King?"

"I'm mad 'bout what Apollo Cain done ta' ya', Sir. It wasn't right, Mr. Teller. It wasn't right!"

Conrad smirks.

"Come on!?! Is he a mark?"

Con laughs.

"You're so cute, little guy. Don't worry, Mr. Teller is going to set Apollo Cain straight come Ring King. You can count on that."

The scene cuts one last time, to another young child, a girl, dressed in overalls and a straw hat.

"I'm mad that there's a' chance La Flama Blanca won't be on the PPV. He's my most favorite wrestler!"

"I totally agree with you, little girl. La Flama Blanca deserves to be on the PPV... but don't worry..."

Con moves in and "whispers" loudly into the girls ear.

" of right now, Blanca is winning the online poll to face Chris Hopper at Ring King. So get all your friends to vote, you just may see Flama wrestle at the PPV yet."

The little girl looks excited as the scene cuts back to Conrad alone on the street.

"It was an exciting day but, unfortunately, due to my lengthy introduction, I don't have time to show you everything. Don't worry thought, because another episode of..."

Conrad raises his hand.

"...TELL CON TELLER! Is right around the corner! Can't wait - or don't want to forget your question - send me a Tweet ; @UTAConTeller - and I'll address your "Beef" on the next episode."

Con winks.

"Don't forget to order Ring King Sunday, August 24th! Where it will air live from right here, in Dallas Texas! Thanks for joining me everyone; Goodnight!"