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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Uniondale, New York at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in front of a sold out crowd.

A high intensity show tonight.

New comers Thatcher Rex and Equinox put on a great show. Equinox jumped off the top rope as Rex came to. Thatcher caught Equinox in the air and hit the “Ten Thousand Volts”. Equinox was knocked out and lost by pinfall.
Kathryn Velmont Thomas  got the win over Exley Grace. Thomas stopped Grace on the top ropes. She proceeded to climb up the ropes to meet Exley. Grace suffered a well executed Frankensteiner from Thomnas
Blackbeard was the most recent victim of IM Hate. Blackbeard was knocked cold after the “Hate Crime”. Hate scored the victory.
Tobias Devereux was able to make Luscious submit with “Da Gator Nap”. Luscious fought a good fight but Devereux came out on top.
August Monday faced Apollo Cain in a heated re-match. Cain came to play today. Monday was off his game today. Cain scored the victory after smashing through Monday with a devastating Spear.
The Main Event. “The Natural Boy” Dan Benson squared off with La Flama Blanca. Two men in the UTA Internet Title scene. Benson looked to “Shock” Flama Blanca. The Luchador was able to spin out of the attempt and lock Benson in the “Double Or Nothing”. La Flama Blanca got the 1…2…3.
Worth every penny.