Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Spectre/Sean Jackson being asked to tone down their match?

Early reports coming in from the UTA Headquarters is that there are to be NO stipulations added to the Spectre/Sean Jackson match at Ring King. This is allegedly being done in an effort so that their match does not supersede or outshine the much anticipated title match involving Madman Szalinski defending his title for the first time against Perfection.

Officials are keen on trying to make sure the title match lives up to the hype and properly showcases both Madman Szalinski in his FIRST title defense, against a VERY motivated and growing in popularity Perfection.

With that said, UTA officials are not oblivious to the fact that Spectre and Sean Jackson absolutely hate one another. There are rumors circulating that UTA officials may ask the two men to tone down the violence in their match, so that another bigger and much more extreme style match might be booked down the line.

However, this might stop either men from beating the living hell out of each other given that both Sean Jackson and Spectre have been waiting for this match for over a full calendar year. Also, given Spectre's mistrust of any upper management in wrestling, the "promise" of a future match may not matter to Spectre and he will do as he pleases. Add to that Sean Jackson seems more determined and focused than ever to finally get his hands on Spectre, and you've got all the makings of another out-of-control ending similar to the one that occured at the end of Wrestleshow 19. Only this time, no one will be able to stop either man from holding back, despite threats of fines and/or suspension on both men should they fail to comply.

The UTA is taking a huge risk by asking so much from both men.  Plus the anticipation from fans for this first match between Spectre and Sean Jackson to devlier, the bar may be set so high, that booking a "Normal Match" may disappoint and anger many fans.