Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Will Haynes to seek amendment to his UTA contract following latest run around.

Word out of the Will Haynes' camp is that the THRILLMAKER is none too pleased with being kept in the dark about his opponent for the second time this month.

It's said that Haynes understood the need for mystery and allure at the Chamber Match (Wrestleshow #18) but is said to have a major issue with not only the identiy of his opponent but also as to whether or not he even makes it onto the Pay Per View.

Haynes is asking his legal team to investigate his contract and possibly add in a clause that would ID his opponent at least a week in advance of any future matches. He understands it's a long shot but was overheard on the phone voicing his concerns over the safety of matches such as this.

At Wrestlshow Haynes was backstage telling anyone who would listen that La Flama Blanca hadn't done anything to earn a spot at the PPV. A statement that THRILL himself made earlier today on Twitter.

One thing is for certain there seems to be a large amount of smoke here, and where there is smoke there's almost certainly fire.

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