WARPEDLIVE 13 - "13" 9/25/2010

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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #13 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.


The show fades in as we see "Dayton, OH - September 25, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.


Grundy is standing in front of a mirror staring at himself. Thorn enters the locker room and smiles at him.

Thorn: You are making the right choice here my friend Thomas.

Grundy: Thomas is dead!

Thorn: Oh?

Grundy: No more Thomas , no more Grundy the only thing left is the death's head himself GRENDEL!

Grundy starts to put a skull face on with make up as Thorn laugh's and encourage's him to do it.




Grudge Match
"The Wanted Man" Rusty Red vs Cameron MacNichol w/Dyan

We head to the ring area where its time for our first match of the night!

Randy Long: "The following grudge match is scheduled for one fall - introcuing first, from Red Oak, Texas, weighing in at 255 pounds, and making his WARPED in-ring debut - "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red!"

"Spolin' For A Fight" by AC/DC plays in the background. The fans come to their feet and watch the entrance way as none other than "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red comes out from the back. He is wearing his torn up blue jeans with a cowboy hat on and cowboy boots. As he makes his way out the crowd is making a lot of mixed noise. He steps up onto the ring apron and enters the ring through the ropes.

Rusty Red grabs the stick and apparently has something to say...

Rusty Red: "Now I'm not too certain on what hell hole we are in right now..."

He draws heat from the Dayton, Ohio crowd.

Rusty Red: "But to me it doesn't matter where we wrestle because either way the result is going to be the same."

He pauses, then quickly continues...

Rusty Red: "So to everyone else in the back, keep a close eye on me match because what I do to my opponent Cameron MacNichol, will make me even more of a Wanted Man than I already am! HAHAHA!" With that he hands the mic over to the ring announcer...

Randy Long: "And his opponent... from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 200 pounds.. Cameron MacNichol!"

As "Stranglehold" crunches out over the speaker system, Cameron walks out from behind the curtain arm-in-arm with his sister Dyan. They pause, he gives her a brotherly peck on the cheek, and they continue on down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, and she prompts the audience to cheer louder. Red gives them both an angry look as Dyan steps out of the ring and Cameron MacNichol prepares for revenge.

Tony D: "This is the in-ring debut of "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red, but its not the first we've seen him in WARPED. At the end of WARPED 12 last time, he brutally attacked MacNichol backstage.. it was unprovoked, and totally at random."

Kris Red: "Well it was certainly an impactful way to make a debut and sometimes that's what you've gotta do! By the way, Rusty Red, no relation here.. he's far too rednecky."

The bell sounds as Cameron MacNichol and the much larger Rusty Red lock up in the ring. Rusty immediately takes control, pushing MacNichol into the corner, and delivering repeated right hands. He goes for the irish whip and sends Cameron far into the corner, he hits, and Rusty follows through but Cameron hits a clothesline, taking Red down! The fans cheer for MacNichol as Red gets to his feet. MacNichol backs him into the ropes.. irish whip.. Red bounces off the ropes and MacNichol ducks down but Red kicks him in the face. Red with a clothesline, ducked by MacNichol into a big boot to the face and Red stumbles back and loses his balance, dropping to the mat. MacNichol yells at Red to come on! Red gets up in the corner and MacNichol follows through, charging in, but Red gets the boot up, connecting right into the face of MacNichol, and Red charges out with a big clothesline, taking MacNichol to the mat. Rusty puts the boots to MacNichol and spits on him, shouting out in his Southern accent 'ya want some, boy?! let's go!' Dyan from ringside cheers her brother on and Rusty spits at her and she shrieks.

Kris Red: "Well that's not nice!"

Tony D: "Rusty Red is a big, big man and very hot headed and we're seeing that right here tonight at the expense of Cameron MacNichol."

Kris Red: "Hey now Cameron is no cruiserweight by any means, the guy is 6 foot tall and has a great build on him."

He brings MaCNichol up to his feet and pushes him into the corner, delivering repeated right hands. He backs up, putting his hands in the air, as the fans boo. He then charges in and hits a big splash in the corner.. and MacNichol stumbles forward, clutching his chest. Red kicks him in the gut and looks for a Crucifix Toss, but MacNichol drops down, and punches Red in the gut.

Kris Red: "I hear Red has a finisher he calls 'the Cowboy Way' which is that Crucifix toss and it looks like he was tryin' for it there."

Cameron gets to his feet.. Red goes for a clothesline, MacNichol ducks, hits the ropes, Red turns around and MacNichol nails him with a Spear! He makes the cover.. 1... 2... kick out!

Tony D: "What a close, close call there! Cameron MacNichol with a devastating spear that almost got him the victory."

Dyan slaps the mat, cheering her brother on, and MacNichol is all fired up and so are the fans who cheer him on. Rusty Red slowly gets to his feet as the fans chant 'Mac-Ni-Col!' repeatedly. Cameron MacNichol raises his arm in the air and looks to be setting up for the Clothesline From Hell! He hit sthe ropes as Red rises and he charges in but Rusty Red ducks the clothesline, then hits a Sidewalk Slam! He hooks the leg... 1... 2... kickout!

Tony D: "Rusty Red ducked the upcoming Clothesline from Hell from Cameron MacNichol and almost picked up the win with that sidewalk slam, Kris."

Kris Red: "He sure did, Tony D, but come on man, this match is back and forth.. what an opener with two big men like this!"

Rusty Red pushes himself up off the mat and slaps his leg. Cameron gets to his feet and Rusty charges in with a big boot, right to the face! Red now brings MacNichol up, looking for the Crucifix toss, and he brings MacNichol up but MacNichol delivers repeated punches, taking Red down to the mat. Red looks to be out of it as he gets to his feet and backs into the ropes, only to be clotheslined over the top rope by MaCNichol, who also goes overboard in the process.

Tony D: "And look out below!"

Dyan shrieks and screams for her brother to get up!! He tells her to stay back. Cameron MacNichol brings Red to his feet and delivers a right hand. The ref begins a 10-count...1 .... Another right hand from MacNichol, and another, as Red stumbles back into the barricade. ...2... The fans scream and go wild as Cameron takes the face of Red and drives it into the barricade! ...3... Red holds his face as Cameron grabs him at the arm and irish whips him back-first into the ring apron! ...4... Cameron grabs him by the head and tries rolling him into the ring but Red fires back with a right hand to the midsection and he drops down and hits a low blow! ...5... The fans boo. He then sets him up for the Crucifix Toss right onto the floor as the crowd continues to boo. ...6... and as "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red gets Cameron Macnichol up into the crucifix, ready to toss his body down to the floor, Cameron reaches forward while in the Crucifix and grabs the ropes, pulling himself onto the apron. ...7... He kicks at Red, who grabs the leg, then grabs MacNichol around the waist, pulls him off the apron and drives his spine into ring post! ...8... MacNichol drops to the floor, clutching his back in pain. The fans look on in shock as Rusty Red stands tall, proud of his actions, and he then spits down at the body of Cameron MacNichol. He hears the referee shout "9!"... Red looks up at the ref, rolls in, and kneels down, watching Cameron at ringside.. as the ref shouts "10!" and calls for the bell, much to the fans dislike.

Kris Red: "Countout!"

The bell sounds...

Randy Long: "Here is your winner, via countout, "The Wanted Man" Rusty Red!"

The crowd erupts in boos as "Spolin' For A Fight" by AC/DC plays. The referee holds his arm up briefly before sliding out of the ring to join Dyan in checking on MacNichol, who is still holding his back in pain. Red looks on from the ringside area, the referee standing up and telling him to stay away!

Tony D: "Rusty Red has a look in his eyes that says he isn't finished.."

Red turns around and heads back toward the ring. He lifts up the ring apron curtain and brings out a cowbell!

Kris Red: "Yeehaw, Tony D! The Wanted Man has a cowbell, how fitting."

Red swings the cowbell, causing the ref and Dyan to back off so they dont get hit. He charges at them and they run around the corner of the ring. He turns back around and sets his sights on Cameron MacNichol, who is up to a seated position now.

Tony D: "What's he got in mind? This can't be good."

Red then wraps the cowbell rope around the neck of MacNichol and begins choking him! He pulls up as hard as he can, MacNichol trying to free himself from the rope. MacNichol pulls and pulls and officials rush to the ringside area and begin trying to stop this. MacNichol quickly releases and starts swinging the cowbell at the refs, causing hem to back off. He continues to playfully swing it in their direction as he steps aside and begins heading up the aisle, a smile on his face. Dyan hesitantly goes to check on her brother, tears going down her face. The officials make sure Red is heading to the back as we fade...




Backstage we see Crowbar doing some stretches in the locker room when, though the door, walks PKA. Crowbar looks up, ready to go, but PKA puts his hands up.

PKA: "Whoa, whoa, calm down Crowman..."

Crowbar gives PKA a glare..

PKA: "I know you have a match coming up in a few with Grundy, but I just wanted to say that... last week.."

He rubs the back of his neck and smiles..

PKA: "..that Cutter you pulled off, it hurt."

Crowbar: "Good. You came here just to tell me that or what?"

PKA: "See, I've had my eye on you for the past few months here in WARPED, what with your issues with management, be it WARPED or Anger management..."

Crowbar isn't amused by PKA's play on words. PKA is. He grins, taking a moment to enjoy his comment, before continuing.

PKA: "You're FnX, not just in the ring, but out of the ring, and that's what I like. So, man to man, you have my respect, and support."

Crowbar looks at PKA and strokes his chin.

Crowbar: "Thanks. Whats the catch? I know theres one coming"

PKA: "No catch. Have a good match."

A grin from PKA, a smirk from Crowbar. PKA leaves, as Crowbar continues stretching.



Locker Room Area

The camera cuts to the backstage locker rooms. We see Rough Ryder standing over his gym bag as he prepares for his match. Suddenly, Jessica comes running over to him.

Jessica Reyes:Jayson! Jayson!

Ryder turns to Jessica who rushes into the camera’s view. She looks rather irritated.

The Rough Ryder: What is it, Jess?

Jessica points to something off camera.

Jessica Reyes:He…he forced me to take him to you. I couldn’t stop him.

Ryder looks just as angry now. He looks at the direction Jessica is pointing, and Ryder looks like he’s about ready to kick someone’s ass.

The Rough Ryder: What are YOU doing here?

The camera pans out, and surprisingly, it is the WARPED World Champion SwitchBlade. His right arm is bandaged up, but he still holds the title belt on his other shoulder. The two lock eyes on one another while Jessica quickly gets behind Ryder. SwitchBlade looks dead serious.

SwitchBlade: We need to talk.

Ryder eyes him up and down, then turns away from him.


The Rough Ryder: I have nothing to say to you, street rat.

SwitchBlade grabs Ryder’s shoulder with his good arm and pulls him back. This causes Ryder to turn back around and get up in SwitchBlade’s face.

The Rough Ryder: Wrong move, chump!

Ryder goes to swing at SwitchBlade, but the champ raises a hand up in surrender.

SwitchBlade: LISTEN TO ME! I didn’t come here looking for a fight.

Ryder halts himself and lowers his arm.

The Rough Ryder: Then what are you doing here?

SwitchBlade: I want to make a deal with you. Meet me in the ring at the beginning of the next show. We’ll talk then.

Ryder looks puzzled, but still pissed.

The Rough Ryder: Who do you think you are? Nobody tells me what to do!

SwitchBlade: If you ever want to have another shot at my title, you’ll do this. And don’t bring her with you.

SwitchBlade eyes Jessica before walking away from the camera. Ryder and Jessica look to one another bother angry and confused by SwitchBlade’s unwanted presence and proposal.



FnX Match
T.G. Grundy vs. Crowbar

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a FnX division match! This means there are no rules, no count outs, falls count anywhere, and there is no time limit! Introducing first.. this is Crowwwwbarrr!"

"Voices" by Rev Theory hits the speakers as Crowbar slowly walks out to a mix of cheers and boos. He stops and looks at the ring and begins to grab his head. He heads towards the ring eyeing off fans with an angry look on his face. He steps into the ring and eyes off the referee before pounding his fists angrily into the turnbuckle.

Randy Long: "And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Thorn, he is T.G. Grundy!"

As 'a shogun name marcus' starts to hit the P.A. system Thorn walks out and heads to the ring he calls for the music to stop.

Thorn: Ladies and gentlemen my I have a few seconds of your time see tonight you are going to all bare witness to a coming of a new age in WARPED Wrestling. Tonight you all get the honor of seeing the true form of death in this ring. See for the past shows he has been dancing and jumping though hoops for your enjoyment but no more. So with no more time to waste as i see you all are wanting blood and fire i give to you the death head destroy , the mad butcher of Kingsbury run, the monster GRENDEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'God hates us all' starts blasting from the P.A. system as Grundy now know as Grendel steps out from behind the curtain his face is done up in a skull , he is wearing a shirt that says choose death and old riped up jeans shorts in his left hand is a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire. He slowly walks to the ring.

Tony D: "We've just seen an insane transformation and I'm not sure what to make of this but look out!"

Crowbar looks on, wondering what the hell is going on. Grendel slides into the ring and immediately charges at Crowbar, tackling him to the mat. The bell sounds. Kneeling over Crowbar is Grendel, who now raises the barbwire baseball bat and attempts to drive it into the face of Crowbar, but Crowbar grabs the old ripped jeans of Grendel and sends him through the ropes to the floor.

Kris Red: "Holy crap Crowbar almost got a face full of bat and barbwire!"

Grendel and his bat crash at ringside while Crowbar gets to his feet. Grendel get sto his feet and Crowbar nails him with a baseball slide. Crowbar goes under the ropes and stands on the ring apron and Grendel isn't off his feet so Crowbar leaps off with a double axe handle, taking Grendel to a knee. Crowbar with a right hand, and then Grendel fires back with a right hand of his own. Grendel continues the assault of right hands, then grabs the arm of Crowbar and sends him into the barricade! He then charges in and delivers a hard boot to the face of Crowbar while he's up against the barricade!!

Tony D: "My goodness! We are seeing a whole other side of T.G. Grundy here tonight."

Kris Red: "Not T.G. Grundy, Grendel!"

Grendel looks to Thorn who tells him to FINISH IT and Grendel picks Crowbar up but gets low blowed. Crowbar hits a DDT onto the floor and takes a moment to recuperate.

Tony D: "Crowbar with the cheap low blow and DDT to take control again."

Kris Red: "Cheap? really? This is a FnX match Tony D, anything goes!"


Crowbar gets to his feet and lifts up the ring apron curtain and pulls a kendo stick out from under the ring, followed by a STOP sign. He measures Grendel off and whacks him over the head with the kendo stick once, twice, three times, and Grendel drops to his knees. Crowbar then swings it like a baseball bat but Grendel ducks and Crowbar smacks the ring post, the kendo stick breaking in half! From the kneeling position, Grendel then pushes up, charges, grabs around the waist of Crowbar and drives him back first into the ring apron! Grendel holds on though and brings Crowbar up to his shoulders and charges at the ring post and drives him into that as well! He keeps hold of Crowbar who is rithing in pain. He takes him over to the announce table and everyone moves out of the way as Grendel sets up for a powerbomb to the table! Crowbar is lifted into the air but he suddenly starts fighting back with right hands and he turns his body and grabs the head of Grendel and hits a KFO ' KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT ' through the table! Crowbar is temporarily unable to respond though as he favors his back which is hurting him so much from the beating he's taken! Somehow he manages to muster up some strength and Crowbar drapes one arm over Grendel and the ref counts 1... 2.... 3!

Kris Red: "Its ova!"


Tony D: "NO! Its not! He kicked out!"

Grendel kicks out at the last possible moment and Crowbar sits up, clutching his back in pain. He can't believe it. Crowbar pushes himself up off the floor and walks around the corner of the ring and picks up the stop sign. He watches as Grendel grabs the ring apron and pulls himself up to his feet, while Thorn cheers him on nearby. Crowbar charges with the STOP sign and drives it into the skull-masked face of Grendel, taking him down to the floor. Thorn scurries away as Crowbar chases after him briefly. Crowbar tosses the sign down and covers Grendel... 1... 2... 3- kick out!! Crowbar looks up, shaking his head. He brings Grendel up to a seated position and delivers repeatedly hard right hands to the forehead of Grendel. Crowbar looks to the side and sees the barbwire baseball bat that Grendel brought to the ring and he picks it up and holds it into the air, the fans cheering because they want more violence! Grendel pushes himself up off of the floor and has no idea what's coming next... but neither does Crowbar, as Grendel gets to his feet and Crowbar is ready to swing the bat but from behind, Thorn grabs the bat out of his hands. Crowbar turns around, and he is PISSED. Grendel drops the bat and looks left, then right, then behind himself and starts climbing the barricade but Crowbar grabs him and pulls him back over. He delivers a stiff right hand and connects with Thorn, taking him down. But just then, Grendel uses the barbwire baseball bat over the bare back of Crowbar, causing him to scream in pain, the injured back taking even more damage. Grendel then hooks both of Crowbar's arms in a chicken wing and lifts him in the air and drops him face first with a sitout buster known as The Sweet Relief! He rolls Crowbar over and covers... 1... 2... 3!

Kris Red: "Its ova!"

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner - Grendel!"

Grendel gets to his feet as Crowbar's back has blood trickling down the side of his body from the wounds. Grendel's arm is raised in victory as the fans mostly cheer for him and aren't sure what to make of what's happened. He grabs Thorn and puts him over his shoulder and starts his walk around the ring and toward the aisle way as he ignores the fans trying to slap hands.



Singles Match
The Rough Ryder vs. Blake Straker

The camera cuts to the ring.

Randy Long: This next contest is scheduled for one fall.

The fans cheer as Straker makes his way to the ring nice and smooth. He comes out, wearing his bandanna and sunglasses, along with a big, black boa, which he taunts the fans with like it’s a phallic object.

Randy Long: Making his way to the ring first, from Los Angeles, California and billed at 290 pounds…BLAKE STRAKER!

Kris Red: That disturbs me every time.

Tony D: Don’t be such a prude, Kris. Have fun with it.

Kris Red: You sound like my ex wife.

Tony D: Which may explain why she’s an ex.

Once Blake gets into the ring, "Show Me A God"- by Tech N9ne hits, and the crowd starts booing instantly. After a few moments, Jessica Reyes makes her way through the curtain, standing on the small metal ramp. The fans boo her, and she shrugs it off, raising her arms and pointing towards the entrance curtain right as the song in the background blares out "I'm at 99, but I need 100% proof! Show me a God!". When those words are spoken, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather, sleeveless hoodie. He also carries with him to the ring a black steel chair, with the words "RYDE OR DYE" written on the seat of the chair. He makes his way to the ring lead by Jessica, making sure not to make any contact with the fans, not even eye contact.

Randy Long: And his opponent, from Portland Maine and weighing in at 254 pounds…THE ROUGH RYDER!

Tony D: And here’s the man she slept with.

Kris Red: Cut it out, Tony!

Tony D: What? I’m just saying, Ryder probably had sexual relations with your ex wife.


Tony D: Come on Kris, show a little professionalism at the table.

Kris Red: You’re so hurtful…

Jessica walks to the middle of the apron on the floor, meanwhile Ryder climbs the stairs, and makes his way to the middle of the apron above Jessica. He stands there... surveying the crowd, while Jessica just smirks proudly. He passes the chair to Jessica, and takes the glasses and vest off as well, handing it to to Jessica as well. He then enters the ring, surveying the crowd once more before turning his attention to Straker

Kris Red: Anyway, this match should be interesting. Straker had an impressive debut match against Jesse Styles last week, but Ryder wound up losing a pre-taping six man mayhem match to Cameron MachNichol.

Tony D: Ryder NEEDS a win here, or he’s going to sink lower than the Titanic.

Kris Red: Aw, come on!

Tony D: Is it still too soon for Titanic jokes?

Kris Red: No, I mean look at that!

Straker is “stroking” his boa right in front of Jessica while still in a phallic position. Jessica covers her mouth and looks utterly disgusted. Ryder doesn’t hesitate to knock some sense into Blake with a powerful clothesline that knocks him down. Long exits the ring, and the referee forces for the bell to be called. It does, and the match technically begins.

Kris Red: Yeah, I don’t think Ryder cares much for Straker’s antics towards Jessica.

Tony D: I thought it was funny.

Ryder grabs the boa from Straker, rips it in half, and throws it out of the ring. He then turns back to Straker, grabs him by the head, and whips him into the nearest turnbuckle. Straker bounces off it, and Ryder connects with a high knee that knocks him back down. Ryder sits Straker up and slaps him across the face a few times out of mockery. The fans boo this, but Ryder could care less, and he finishes with a solid kick to the side of the head.

Kris Red: A good start for Ryder.

Ryder picks up Straker and this time scoops him up into a body slam. Ryder runs the ropes, leaps, and hits a diving knee drop to the face. Ryder walks over to Straker and picks him up again. Suddenly, Straker manages to spin behind Ryder and connect with a release German suplex from out of nowhere. Straker gets back up and rubs the back of his neck.

Tony D: Looks like Straker woke up.

Kris Red: He wants to prove that he has what it takes to take down the former number one contender.

Tony D: In my eyes, he still is, Kris.

Straker grabs Ryder and hits him with a series of punches and kicks to the face and stomach. He wraps an arm around his neck and connects with a swinging neckbreaker. He goes for the quick pin. 1…2… Kick out.

Straker gets up and decides to go big or go home by climbing a turnbuckle to the top. When Ryder gets himself back up, he faces Straker and gets hit with a missile dropkick that sends him crashing down. Straker with the cover once again. 1…2…

Kick out. Straker gets up and taunts for the fans who cheer him on.

Tony D: Straker’s looking pretty confident!

Kris Red: He sure knows how to please the crowd.

Tony D: Erm…when you say “please the crowd”…

Kris Red: If you finish that sentence you’re fired.

Tony D: …fair enough.

Straker goes over to Ryder, kicks him in the gut, and puts him between his legs. He signals for his finisher, Piledriver ’69, but Jessica suddenly jumps up on the apron and starts yelling at the referee. The ref goes over to Jessica and yells at her to get off the apron.

Kris Red: What is she doing? She shouldn’t be getting involved!

Tony D: There’s nothing wrong with

Jessica wanting to save her man, Kris.

Kris Red: It’s cheating!

Tony D: You call love cheating? No wonder you lost your wife.

Straker drops Ryder and goes over to Jessica and the referee. All three yell at each other while Ryder gets himself back up. Finally Jessica succumbs to the two on one verbal assault and drops down from the apron. Straker turns around only to be hit with a superkick from Ryder. Straker stumbles back and bounces off the ropes. Ryder sees this coming, kicks Straker, puts him between his own legs, and hits…

Kris Red: The Dangerous Driver!

Tony D: Goodnight, and thanks for playing!

Ryder rolls Straker on his back and covers him. 1…2…3!

“Show Me A God” plays as Ryder gets back up and brushes himself off. Jessica gets in the ring and raises Ryder’s arm up. The referee tries to do the same, but Ryder scares him off with a threat to slap the taste out of his mouth. As further insult to injury, Ryder spits on Straker right before leaving the ring.

Kris Red: Well it looks like Ryder is recovering from last week’s misstep.

Tony D: And just the opposite, Straker goes schooled this week. It’s like a role reversal.

Kris Red: What’s next for Ryder?

Tony D: I don’t know, Kris, but I pity the poor bastard that he has his eyes locked on.



Singles Match
Malik Logan vs. The Midnighter

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Jacksonville, Florida, weighing in at 295 pounds - he is the NEW Evolution Champion, Thhhhhhhhe Middddddddnighterrrrrr!"

The fans cheer as the lights in the arena go out and "My Time" by Fabulous plays, a new theme song for new Evolution Champion. The fans watch the entrance for The Midnighter but he's yet to come out. The fans continue to wait and seconds pass but no champion.

Randy Long looks around, wondering what's going on?

Suddenly a referee runs out and waves his hands, shaking his head at the same time. He holds up the X sign with both arms that something is wrong and the fans wonder what could possibly be going on. The referee heads up to Randy and tells him something. Randy then speaks.

Randy Long: "Fans, I am told that due to unforseen circumstances involving a developing story backstage, The Midnighter AND Malik Logan are both unable to compete tonight due to injuries sustained before their match."

The fans in the Expo Center erupt in boos and Randy Long shrugs and looks around for what to do next...


We then switch scenes backstage.. lots of screaming is heard.. where we see a bloody Malik Logan on the floor, clutching his side in pain, blood dripping from his face. Next to him is the Evolution Title, and right beside that is The Midnighter.. and both men have paramedics near them as well as WARPED officials. Suddenly the camera pans to the left moreso and we see the man now known as Grendel standing with the barbwire baseball bat, watching. The crew beg him to stay away, giving everyone the idea that he is the one who made this horrible attack on both the Evolution Champion, The Midnighter, as well as Malik Logan!





2 on 1 No Holds Barred Match
Korrupt & PKA vs. SwitchBlade

Jeepers,creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes...

Randy Long: "The following contest is a two on one handicap match, with NO.. HOLDS.. BARRED! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 401 pounds, Korrupt and P..K..A!"

Suddenly the lights go down and "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold begins to blare through the arena. Korrupt and PKA come from the back looking around at the crowd as the lights are throbbing a blood red. The crowd boos as they walk down the ramp slowly. Korrupt's eyes are glued forward, as PKA also ignores the fans, both men making their way toward the ring. Korrupt charges and slides into the ring, he crawls forward towards a camera and mouthing things to it. When he gets closer he licks it. PKA walks up the steps, and onto the apron, before climbing the turnbuckle and looking throughout the crowd as they continue to boo. He hops into the ring off the buckle and grabs a microphone from Randy Long who hands it off from ringside. PKA and Korrupt meet in the middle of the ring and the music cuts.

PKA: "Before we destroy your precious WARPED World Champion..."

The crowd erupts PKA with 'SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP!' chants. PKA grins and talks over them.

PKA: "Oh trust me, I'll shut the fuck up soon enough, because Korrupt and I have a little business to take care of."

They pound fists together, Korrupt nodding his head.

PKA: "SwitchBlade, Switchy... I'm not sure what it is you have going on in that oldman head of yours, but you need to realize that what you're doing is signing your own death wish. You requested this match? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you not recall what Korrupt and I did to you at the last two shows? And you think your luck is about to change tonight? Hardly. This is WARPED 13 - and your luck will not change."

PKA drops the microphone...

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays...

Randy Long: "And their opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192 pounds and is the reigning and defending WARPED World Heavyweight Champion - this.. is.. SwitchBlaaaaaaade!" SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a cheering crowd. In addition to his usual attire, he now sports a cast on his arm.. Also, he is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. PKA and Korrupt turn away from SwitchBlade, talking over strategy.

The bell sounds. PKA and Korrupt shake hands and SwitchBlade rushes at them and sends PKA over the top rope with a clothesline with the good arm. He then turns around and kicks Korrupt in the gut and tosses him through the ropes to the floor. The crowd erupts in cheers as the champ is already off to a good start! PKA then rolls in the ring and gets to his feet. SwitchBlade connects with three hard right hands, backing PKA into the corner. SwitchBlade then drives his left knee hard into PKA's stomach repeatedly. He then takes his good right arm, and chops PKA hard in the chest. PKA screams out, and grabs his chest which now starts to turn flaring red. He then whips PKA across the ring into the ropes.. PKA bounces off.. SwitchBlade ducks down... back body drop! PKA rolls out of the ring from impact and lands on the floor, as SwitchBlade in the ring grabs his left shoulder.

Korrupt comes in from behind though and charges at SwitchBlade and delivers a clothesline from behind. He stands over SwitchBlade and begins stomping away at the injured arm.. stomp.. stomp.. stomp.. stomp stomp stomp. The fans boo as Korrupt yells at them to SHUT THE HELL UP!!! They boo even louder now. SwitchBlade, clutching his arm, starts rising to his feet as Korrupt delivers a right hand, but SwitchBlade blocks it, and delivers a kick to the gut. SwitchBlade then plants him with a DDT and covers! 1... 2... kick out!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade nearly got the quick victory there, and I'm sure that's what he wants... the longer he goes in this match with that injured arm, the worse things will get."

SwitchBlade applies a front facelock on Korrupt, and Korrupt tries to push himself up off the mat.

Kris Red: "He's a fighting champion, but a stupid one.. I mean come on. He ASKED for this 2 on 1 no holds barred match. What kind of person does that?"

Korrupt begins to get up, and SwitchBlade still has the front facelock in.

Tony D: "A proud man! Korrupt is battling back!"

Korrupt then punches him in the stomach to loosen the hold a bit. Korrupt then breaks out of it, and goes behind him bringing SwitchBlade's left hand behind him, and locking in a hammerlock, and SwitchBlade screams out in pain!

Tony D: "Korrupt is going right for that arm with the cast on it!!! Oh my God look at the bending going on!!"

SwitchBlade screams, and SwitchBlade ducks under Korrupt, locking in his own hammerlock. Korrupt though, reaches his other hand up, and snapmare takeovers SwitchBlade onto his back. SwitchBlade begins to get up, and holds his lower back. He turns around, and Korrupt leaps up hitting SwitchBlade with a dropkick. SwitchBlade falls backwards, directly on his injured arm, and he screams in pain. Korrupt laughs and looks back at PKA, who is up on the ring apron finally. Korrupt brings SwitchBlade to his feet, grabbing the injured arm and setting him up for Divorce Court, but SwitchBlade wraps his foot around Korrupt's, then pushes him down with a modified STO!

Tony D: "Oooh SwitchBlade with the counter!"

Kris Red: "And the cover!"

SwitchBlade lays atop Korrupt, while clutching his own arm. 1.. 2.. PKA breaks it up, kicking SwitchBlade in the face.

Tony D: "Oh come on!"

PKA brings SwitchBlade to his feet and kicks him in the gut, then hits the ropes and returns with a jumping Calf kick. PKA kneels down, posing with his arms out for the fans as they boo. He grins, and covers SwitchBlade.. 1.. 2.. kick out.

Korrupt rolls out of the ring to get a quick breather, and grabs a chair from the outside of the ring. He tosses it in from under the bottom rope. PKA takes a look at the chair then at SwitchBlade, who is getting to his feet up in the corner. PKA charges in with a boot to the gut, then another, grabbing onto the top rope while he stomps a mudhole in the Champion. SwitchBlade drops to the mat, and PKA continues stomping away. PKA now with the boot up against the face of SwitchBlade, face wash! Face wash! PKA runs to the opposite corner, then back.. hesitation dropkick to the injured arm of the champ!!!

Tony D: "They will not let up on the attack of the injured arm of SwitchBlade!"

SwitchBlade drops completely and holds his arm in pain, screaming out. Meanwhile, Korrupt at ringside has found a table and is setting it up near the ring. PKA brings SwitchBlade to his feet, pulling him up by his hair. SwitchBlade is in a lot of pain as he tries to battle back with a kick to the gut, and another. PKA drops to a knee, and SwitchBlade delivers a right hand, but PKA doesn't go down, as he quickly delivers a right hand to the midsection of SwitchBlade, and another. PKA snaps up to his feet, goes for a Roundhouse kick, but SwitchBlade ducks, and looks for a belly to back suplex with his good arm.. but PKA flips out and lands on his feet.. he grabs the head of SwitchBlade and a Reverse Falling DDT! PKA covers... 1... 2... and a kick out.

Kris Red: "Perfect athleticism by PKA there."

Korrupt now slides into the ring and both men bring SwitchBlade to his feet.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is fighting back with all he has but there's no way he can do it with both of these guys on him at once."

They start laying into him with right hands. PKA and Korrupt then begin discussing something and PKA points to the corner right before heading toward the turnbuckle. Korrupt stomps away at the body of SwitchBlade as PKA climbs the turnbuckle. Korrupt brings him to his feet. Korrupt now gets SwitchBlade into the Electric Chair, sitting on his shoulders, facing away from the turnbuckle. PKA then moonsaults off the top rope, grabs ahold of the injured arm of SwitchBlade, and at the same time Korrupt drops him in a face plant, and PKA hits a SUPER Divorce Court on the arm!!!

Kris Red: "Jesus H Christ! They are going to break his arm!"


SwitchBlade scrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeams in pain.

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chants the crowd.

PKA goes for the cover... 1... 2.... 3!!!

Kris Red: " Its OVVVVVVVV.. WAIT!!!"

Tony D: "The kick out!! Kick outtttttt!!"

The crowd erupts in cheers as their World champ kicks out! PKA pounds the mat and Korrupt kicks the bottom rope, both men now screaming at the referee. He tells them to back off and that it was only two!!! Meanwhile, SwitchBlade rolls under the bottom rope to the floor briefly, clutching his arm.

Kris Red: "That was insane.. it was like.. a moonsault, and a divorce court, off the top, and Korrupt had him, electric chair .. annd.. wow..."

Tony D: "I can tell you are in shock."

Kris Red: "I just came.."

Tony D: "Oh my God.."

Korrupt follows out of the ring. SwitchBlade pushes the table out of the way and flips it over, having nothing to do with that. Korrupt comes up from behind and turns him around and SwitchBlade is ready with a right hand to the face. He drives the face of Korrupt into the apron. PKA now slingshots himself over the top rope down to the floor but SwitchBlade moves just in time! PKA crashes, clutching his chest, and SwitchBlade grabs Korrupt and rolls him into the ring. SwitchBlade slides in and picks up the steel chair that has been setting there. Korrupt turns around and SwitchBlade cracks him over the skull with it! The fans cheer as SwitchBlade tosses the chair down and goes into the cover... 1... 2... 3!

Tony D: "Two and three quarters! Korrupt barely kicked out!"

PKA slides into the ring without SwitchBlade noticing, picks up the chair, and as SwitchBlade gets to his feet, PKA swings, but Switchy ducks under.. both men trade positions.. SwitchBlade kicks PKA in the gut, goes for a DDT onto the chair, but PKA grabs the injured arm of SwitchBlade and twists it, causing him to drop to the mat face-first. PKA applies an armbar on SwitchBlade, and he screams out in pain. SwitchBlade is close enough to grab the bottom rope and pull himself away from PKA's grasp though. The fans chant "SwitchBlade!" repeatedly. SwitchBlade is on the apron and PKA reaches over the ropes and grabs him by the hair, pulling him up. SwitchBldae then grabs the head of PKA with his good arm and drops off the apron, bringing PKA's throat over the top rope and snapping him back. PKA drops to the mat, clutching his throat in pain.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is mounting a comeback and these fans are firmly behind the champ!"

Kris Red: "He's gotta get in there and finish them off now!"

The fans continue chanting SwitchBlade's name. He rolls in under the bottom rope. PKA and Korrupt get to their feet, with Korrupt bleeding from the forehead from the chairshot earlier in the match, and PKA continues to gasp for air. SwitchBlade grabs the chair and drives it into the stomach of PKA, then to Korrupt! Both men hunch over. SwitchBlade grabs PKA and hits a Cradle Piledriver to the mat!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade with the Cradle Piledriver on PKA!"

Kris Red: "It looks like lifting PKA up hurt his arm a lil' bit there though!"

SwitchBlade grabs his left arm while Korrupt approaches, and SwitchBlade kicks him in the midsection, sets him up for the cradle Piledriver, and nails it! The fans go wild!

Tony D: "And another Cradle Piledriver for Korrupt!!"

SwitchBlade lays on the mat, holding his arm, rolling from side to side.

Kris Red: "He's in pain, a lot of pain.."

All three men lay on the mat as the referee checks on one at a time. He then begins a 10-count... 1... 2... 3... 4...

Kris Red: "No holds barred in this match but there is a count out... and it sure would suck if this match ended that way."


Tony D: "But for SwitchBlade and his left arm in that cast, it'd be the best thing.."

Finally SwitchBlade gets to his feet and brings PKA up to his feet as well. He kicks PKA in the stomach, and then begins to deliver right hands to the face of PKA.. and now, Korrupt is up now and he's behind SwitchBlade!

Tony D: "Oh oh!! Korrupt has a chair!"

Korrupt holds the steel chair in hand and SwitchBlade turns around and Korrupt swings...

Tony D: "He ducked!! There goes PKA!"

PKA drops to the mat after getting whacked over the skull with a steel chair from his own partner!! SwitchBlade then takes the chair and swings it at Korrupt, but he ducks down, and throws his right arm up, hitting a low blow on SwitchBlade!!

Kris Red: "Annnnnnnnd there it is! A low blow."

SwitchBlade kneels over, grabbing his groin in pain, dropping the chair. Korrupt grabs the chair with his left hand and puts his right hand under the chin of SwitchBlade as he is on both knees.. Korrupt swings the chair ..

Tony D: "Oh My God!"

Korrupt cracks the chair right into the left arm of SwitchBlade which was at his side, and SwitchBlade screams out in pain. Korrupt tosses the chair aside and covers SwitchBlade, hooking the leg... 1... 2... 3...

Kris Red: "That's it! Its OVA now!"

The bell sounds and yes this match is finally over!

Randy Long: "The winners of the match - PKA and Korrupt!"

The fans boo as Korrupt has a big smile on his face as he looks down at SwitchBlade who is clutching his arm and screaming out in pain. The ref checks on him and Korrupt watches as the WARPED World Heavyweight Champion is in excruciating pain. Korrupt turns to PKA who leans up against the bottom rope, clutching his head, and looks at his hand afterward.. blood. PKA looks up at Korrupt and grins. Korrupt gives him a hand up and PKA holds his head and gives Korrupt 'a look' of unhappiness, but at the same time, PKA is still very pleased with what has been done tonight. He bumps fists with Korrupt and they step through the ropes, backing up the aisle, keeping an eye on the ring and the man who they will soon meet again surely - SwitchBlade. Paramedics rush in to check on him. PKA and Korrupt stand at the top of the entrance and slowly raise their arms in the air, and the fans erupt in boos. PKA grins and looks at Korrupt, who smiles and nods. They drop their arms and survey the crowd onceover before heading through the curtain.

Fade. To. Black.