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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Boston, Massachusetts at the TD Garden in front of a sold out crowd.

April Monday suffered a concussion during her match with Katrhyn Velmont Thomas. KVT got the pin after hitting a Frankensteiner.
Will " the THRILL" Haynes seemed in trouble for a little bit when Exley Grace seemed to control the action. Haynes connected with ‘The Kush” after Grace was trying to hug the referee during the match.
Perfection spent most of his time avoiding Abdul Ahad in their match tonight. Perfection made his offense count but Ahad just got the win he came to Boston to get. Ahad hit an "Infidel’s Demise” and got the 1..2..3.
Tobias Devereux and Conrad Teller both were on their games tonight. Teller came out of nowhere and landed “The Lights Out” Superkick. Devereux was knocked cold allowing Con to get the pinfall.
Dan Benson got his licks in against Yoshii. Benson seemed to have the match in his pocket but Jed Dye made his presence known. Dye got on the apron and caught the attention of Benson. Yoshii grabbed “The Natural Boy” in a Bearhug and didn’t let go until Benson taped out.
The Main Event. "The Canadian Star" Claude Baptiste Ranier took on “The Mental Rapist” Sean Jackson in the last match of the evening. Another classic between these two UTA stars. Today, CBR came out the winner. Jackson was the victim of a Running Powerbomb from Ranier
Worth every penny.