Posted by Rumor Man Stan

La Flama Blanca was with the UTA as they traveled through Boston for a live event. 

A local boy, six year old Tyler Watkins, was in the hospital for a second brain surgery. Tyler has a neurological disorder that causes him to have seizures. His family reached out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to make his wish come true. A chance to spend time with his favorite wrestler, La Flama Blanca.

Make-A-WIsh volunteers came to the hospital to give him some toys and strength in this uncertain time. Minutes later, the door opens. He gets his wish. 
La Flama Blanca walks through the door. The look on his young face was of pure happiness. Blanca took time to make a young child feel some joy when he needed it the most. 
La Flama Blanca took pictures with the boy and gave him his very own La Flama Blanca mask and T-shirt. Flama Blanca did what he could to make it a great day for Tyler and his family. They played games and even watched cartoons.
Tyler Watkins, appears to be in stable condition after surgery. Doctors think he will make a full recovery.