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Peach sniffs at the camera lens as the camera is turned on.

Peach: RUFF!

Madman scoops Peach up, kneeling down to look at the camera.

Madman: You're damn right puppy.

Peach: BARK!

Madman: This is Peach's Predictions XI, you've came a long way fuzzball!

Peach wags her tail, jumping up.

Peach: BARK!

Madman: Fine, I was just trying to put you over. Let's just get right into it.

Apollo Cain vs. Blackbeard

The red bone has dreadlocks hanging from one end of the bone.

Peach: RUFF!

Peach runs over to Madman, dropping the red bone on the couch and licking the dreadlocks.

Madman: Usually when she picks somebody that quick, they're meant for big things.

FKA vs J Stevenson

Peach growls at the red bone, inching forward.

Peach: grrr.....grrr......BARK! BARK! BARK!

Madman: He's not gonna get a title shot anytime soon, just grab the other bone and come on!

Peach grabs the blue bone, still growling the entire time she brings it back.

Log Habben vs. Tobias Devereux

Peach sniffs the red bone.

Peach: WHINE!

Madman: Yeah. I soaked it in Heaven Hill for realism.

Peach brings Madman the blue bone, then goes to chew on the red bone.

Madman: I forgot that my dog likes Heaven Hill.

Conrad Teller vs. IM Hate

Peach stumbles a little bit as she walks back and forth to sniff each bone. She brings over the red one finally.

Madman: You okay, fuzzball?

Peach: ruff...ruff...

Abdul Ahad vs. Dan Benson

Peach walks out into the middle of the living room well before either bone is placed out. She attempts to get the end of both bones in her mouth, dragging one over at a time as one would fall out.

Madman: You picking a draw or you got the munchies, puppy?

Peach: rrrr.....

Will Haynes vs. CBR

Peach falls down onto the blue bone, rolling onto her back with the blue bone in her mouth. She takes her paws, swatting at the bone.

Madman: Well...that's great.

Madman shrugs from his seat on the couch.

Madman: Should I even try to do this again?

Yoshii vs. Perfection

Peach is fast asleep with CBR's blue bone still in her mouth. Even the giant blue bone landing on the floor beside her (along with the red one shortly after) does not wake her up.

Madman: Aw, fuck it. See you next time.

Madman gets up and leaves, with Peach still laying out as the scene ends.