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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Wells Fargo Center in front of a sold out crowd.

FKA and Apollo Cain started the night off. Apollo Cain steam rolled through FKA and put him away with “Street Justice”. 
Will Haynes and Abdul Ahad had the match of the night. Haynes was the latest victim of the “Infidel’s Demise”.
J Stevenson scored the victory of Tobias Devereux. Stevenson put Tobias away after hitting “The Innovator” from the top rope.
August Monday was defeated by Yoshii. Monday put up a fight but Yoshii showed why he is one of the top stars in the UTA. Monday got stopped after suffering a “Yoshii Bomb”.
The Main Event. Sean Jackson and IM Hate went toe to toe. Jackson seemed on a mission tonight. Hate gave Jackson a good beating. Hate exposed the turnbuckle and went to use it to his advantage. Sean was able to Side Russian Legsweep Hate into that exposed turnbuckle and scored the pinfall.
Worth every penny.