Posted by Rumor Man Stan

- Coming out of a huge Wrestleshow last Sunday, the overall feel is that the show had met and exceeded high expectations set leading up to it. The feeling now is that Ring King will have larger expectations so not to be outshined by The Chamber Show as it is being dubbed.

- As of now, two matches are set in stone for Ring King including the UTA and Internet Championship matches. It is expected that the pay per view itself will have five matches, with the main event being a huge stipulation. Talent not appearing in matches at Ring King are expected to fill the Saturday Night Victory and Wrestleshow #20 cards that weekend. Management has also said to have been sold on a interactive fan chosen match for the pay per view that we could see set up on the next Wrestleshow.

- Log Habben had originally been planned to interrupt the chamber match, however this was cut last minute and the Livewire Exclusive from yesterday was shot instead.

- The UTA has recently signed several new superstars to the roster including Luscious, Equinox, Blackbeard, and Exley Grace. Blackbeard is scheduled to debut on the next Wrestleshow. It is unknown when the others will. Word is that the company is seeking 6-7 new faces to help fill some needed spots and replace those who have recently signed that may not work out.

- Tag Teams are coming. Post Ring King, management is looking to begin building a tag division. An idea being tossed around currently is to forgo normal Tag Teams and instead opt for Trios teams. However, nothing is set in stone.

- Wrestling Classic: Death Row is set to air it's final two shows over the next two weeks. When the episodes end, a special DVD/BluRay release containing the entire run is planned. The release will include extra features such as interviews and added commentary.

- Following Ring King, the next UTA pay per view is currently slotted for either November 30th or December 7th. With December 5th being the one year anniversary since the return of the UTA, it is expected to be herald as a larger than usual anniversary show that will begin a yearly trend.

- Enjoyed Destroy all Klondike? The next game slated to come out soon is Peachtris, which well be a Tetris like game based around Peach.