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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Richmond, Virginia at the Richmond Coliseum in front of a sold out crowd.

Our opening match of the night was a doozie. Chris Hopper and August Monday beat the living hell out of each other. Hopper put Monday away with the “Ice Breaker” to gain the win.

Perfection faced off against April Monday. April Monday took the fight to Perfection. Perfection was able to hit the “Photo Finish” and get the pinfall victory.
Apollo Cain and Yoshii had a slug fest. Cain hit the ropes and hit a Big Boot on Yoshii and knocked him out. Cain got a big victory over the big man.
Dan Benson and Tobias Devereux went toe to toe. Devereux was able to capture the victory after landing the “Ace in the Hole”. A big victory for the Cajun.
The Main Event. Abdul Ahad and Claude Baptiste Ranier had the match of the night. Two of the men inside the Ring King Four Way Dance had a great match. The fans were on the edge of their seats. CBR hit the “Subjugator” and scored the victory.
Worth every penny.