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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Newark, New Jersey at the Prudential Center in front of a sold out crowd.

The Chamber match is less than a week away. The excitement in the crowd is evident, same with the roster.
Newcomer August Monday took on Ian Michaels Hate in the opening match of the night. The two brawled all over the arena. The fact that they both were counted out didn’t seem to bother them. The fans didn’t seem to mind either.
VCW Wildfire Champion Conrad Teller took on another newcomer to the UTA, Apollo Cain. Teller seemed to have some trouble with larger Cain but was able to come out with the win. Cain was forced to submit after Teller executed a Boston Crab.
Will Haynes and J Stevenson had a great match. Haynes pulled out all the stops to capture the victory. Stevenson was caught sleeping and Haynes hit “The Kush” to put the match away.
La Flama Blanca faced FKA in the match of the night. A clinic of wrestling was appreciated by the Jersey faithful. FKA fell victim to the “Boarder Crosser” giving Flama Blanca the pinfall victory.
The Main Event. Sean Jackson and Perfection faced each other in a singles match. Two men who will see each other inside The Chamber on Sunday. Jackson showed why he is a top contender for the UTA World Title and to win the Chamber match. 
Perfection had Jackson trapped in the “Picture Perfect” but Jackson was able to turn himself and Perfection over to reverse the hold. Jackson escaped and locked Perfection up in a STF, forcing Perfection to tap.
Another show, worth every penny.