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Peach: BARK! BARK!

The scene beging with our usual shot of Madman's living room, complete with Peach flopping around in the middle and Madman laid back on the couch, feet on the arm.

Madman: RUFF! RUFF!

Peach: BARK!

Madman: RUFF!

Peach: BARK!

Peach stands still and barks at Madman, who leans off the couch closer to her face. Peach leans up and licks Madman's mask, and he rubs her head while looking up at the camera.

Madman: What she said. Let's do some Peach's Predictions!

La Flama Blanca vs. IM Hate

Peach whines towards the red bone, even after picking up the blue bone in her mouth. After bringing the blue bone to Madman, Peach looks overt towards the red bone again.

Peach: WHINE!

Madman: You want to pick your buddy, but you're trying to make a serious prediction. What do people think this is, a game?

Peach: BARK!

Conrad Teller vs. Chance von Crank

Peach growls at the blue bone, picking it up and growling the entire time she waddles towards Madman.

Madman: Hey, you don't have to like 'em to pick 'em, fuzzball.

Peach: ...grrrr....

IM Hate vs. Chance von Crank

Madman: Okay, Peach. I know you picked this one twice in a row, but now you got the winners of the first two matches facing each other. Can you pick between them for me?

Peach: RUFF!

Peach sits up on her hind quarters, swatting her front paws in the air.

Madman: Thank God my dog listens. Ready? GO!

Madman throws both bones out into the middle of the floor. Peach sniffs between both, barking and growling at each.


Peach takes the blue bone once again, jumping up onto the couch with it, but shoving it back onto the floor after dropping it from her mouth.

Abdul Ahad vs. CBR vs. Yoshii vs. Dan Benson

When the red and blue bones come through the air, Peach watches them and jumps on each as she sees them land. When the green and yellow bones come out next, Peach jumps back scared.

Peach: WHINE!

Peach sniffs at the new bones, then runs in circles going back and forth between each bone.

Madman: Haha! This is hilarious!

Peach picks up all four bones, one at a time, moving them around randomly. Peach stumbles around the living room, completely overwhelmed.

Madman: Come on, baby, pick a winner for Dad...

Peach decides once more by sniffing each bone out, then grabbing her choice and bringing it to Madman.

Madman: All right! CBR it is! I'm not so sure I disagree with you, either, puppy! We got one more to okay, Peach?

Peach runs into the kitchen, where a second camera catches her going back and forth between lapping water and scrounging down dog food. We come back to Madman, still looking over the back of his couch towards the kitchen.

Madman: Either she's worn out after such a hard choice to make...or she really doesn't like somebody in the main event.

Chance von Crank vs. Tobias Devereux vs. Perfection vs. Will 'The Thrill' Haynes vs. Sean Jackson vs. TBA

Peach, Madman, and Ariel all sit in silence pensively on the couch. Even Peach has her paw on her chin, mimicing Madman and Ariel. Madman is first to break the silence.

Madman: I'm sorry. I don't have any idea how in the world to run this. I've never tried to do a prediction with a mystery opponent!

Ariel: And you're not using all the duct tape to make a Chamber out of cardboard.

Peach: rrr....

Peach rolls over, sound asleep. Madman and Ariel look over at each other, shrugging in sync.

Madman: No contest?

Ariel: Works for me.

Madman: Wanna have sex?

Ariel: I'll lock the door.

Ariel stands up and walks off-camera. Madman leans forward, putting his hands on his knees to prepare to stand as well. He lifts one hand to throw up a peace sign.

Madman: See ya on another episode of Peach's Predictions!

The camera feed ends abruptly here.