Posted by Rumor Man Stan

- Before the Wrestleshow taping on Saturday, I.M Hate defeatedTobias Devereux to advance to the Ring King Wild Card match on the next Wrestleshow.

- After Wrestleshow went off the air, Kevin Hawk came out and announced Chance Von Crank vs. J Stevenson would be a falls count anywhere match due tot he destroyed ring.

The two fought all over the arena in front of the live crowd. The match was a great showing between the two. However ended after Chance Von Crank began hitting J Stevenson with a chair excessively similar to how he did Shawn FX on the show.

Chris Hopper come out and stood at the top of the stage, watching cVc continue to lose it.

cVc then went crazy, yelling for Chris Hopper to come and "Get Some."

Hopper continued to stand on the stage and a stare down began. However, neither man made the move toward each other.

The show ended as TNT hit the PA system again for Chris Hopper and the match being a draw more or less as it never continued.