Posted by Rumor Man Stan

With the recent changes in management in High Octane Wrestling, and the restructuring of corporate brands such as High Octane Television, the United Toughness Alliance was given the opportunity to terminate it's television network contract without penalty.

After taking the decision into consideration over the last week, James Wingate announced today that the United Toughness Alliance has opted to continue to air new episodes of Wrestleshow every other week on High Octane Television, with replays playing on alternating weekends.

Details of when the contract will be up for renewal is still uncertain, but Mr. Wingate is said to be happy to have Mike Best at the helm of High Octane Wrestling. This is said to be a huge, and the deciding factor, in the United Toughness Alliance not opting out of the original contract.

Joining the HOTv network along side of the UTA, HOW, and NGW Classics soon will be Boardwalk Wrestling. Boardwalk is an independent promotion based out of Atlantic City and has close ties with the UTA. Most recently, VCW Superstar Fizz, was apart of a series of Boardwalk shows.